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[ Character ] New Ninja Collection Survey!


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This is it! I hope you can take the time to complete this survey for us! We received so many submissions and we hope you can help us pick the winner!

Below is nearly every single serious submission. Please rate each one out of 5. Please vote based on your own enjoyment of seeing the character, as well as how balanced/viable you believe the ninja would be.

You are not required to answer every question, but the more responses we receive, the more accurately we can pick a winner!

To make the survey experience shorter, I have taken the liberty to remove any submissions that were blatantly inappropriate and did not take the event seriously, or any submission that I felt was simply too lacking, in grammar or originality. Also, in the case of a ninja that has been submitted multiple times, I have picked the one that I believed is exceptional

In addition, I will not be including the author of each submission in the question, to account for bias. If you are so dedicated, you may go back to the event thread to see if one of the submissions was done by your friend, but please be impartial. Of course, you may also vote once on your own submission!

We will allow voting to occur for 3-4 days, then tally up votes, so don't delay!

Thank you for your time!

Link to the Survey Here!

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