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[ Lineup ] How do you counter 6P naruto in arena?


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just wondering why he has leech , since renni sasuke is so weak shouldnt he get the leech i mean no immunities?

I had 4 people up against 6p naruto in arena and he manage to just tank everything and heal to full every turn , thats not balance thats *ity

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Rock lee with breakthrough can counter 6p.

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Can you translate your first sentence? Also what lineup you are using?
A lot ninjas and lineups can counter him. Jonin Minato, Lee BT, Shira, Shisui with itachi, any troll teams with 2x standards, and so on. Sosp is a least to worry in arena, since everyone have same lineups with him, and do same moves every round.

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Edo Itachi. He makes people alt+f4 every other time. Must be some kind of genjutsu.

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