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Ideas for theme Arena


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Do you guys have any idea for themed arena?

I think they could make a Themed arena where you use all the passives

For example Light main : Root, Light Enchantment etc

all that

All Talents themed arena

But the only thing you can choose is summon and the Mysteries

what do you guys think and do you have any other ideas ?

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well there no ideas becuase they wont get heard plus oasis has to follow tencent so they cant just make any arena up

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I'm pretty sure that Oasis already have some ideas for the next theme of Themed Arena .. I assume there's a theme like All Male Ninjas, All Female Ninjas, Edo Tensei Ninjas Only or Jinchuriki Ninjas Only .. Well, suggestions are always nice so keep it up .. Who knows, your ideas might be heard and get live next Themed Arena .. Possibilities still there even though it is minimal ..

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