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[ Events ] What dictates rank if 2 or more player's are tied?


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So I was doing the Natures event and got to lvl 21 which got me 150 points and 5th place. Now I go back and check my rank and I'm down to 11th place, but the thing is, I was the only player with 150 pts. some had more some had less but I was alone at 150. Now there are 4 of us at 150 but I am at the bottom of those who share that score and I was there first, why am I at the bottom of those with 150?

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As far as i know, like in SWB, if 2 or more persons have the same points, the first who got it will take the rank and so on and so forth .. But for this Nature Training and base from what you've said, i have no idea .. I wanna know too incase someone in my server tries to snag my rank ..

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That's what I thought too, first one there keeps that rank. And it just so happens that 11th place doesn't give breakthrough pill frags argh, if this game wasn't already frustrating enough...

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Hi! The first person to get a specific point would maintain a rank higher than any subsequent player that obtains the same amount of points. So for example, if you got 150 points, anyone who also got 150 points will have a lower rank. However, if any player got higher points than you, your rank decreases. So for example, if two players got 155 points, your rank would decrease by two. Rank is not permanent and will change depending on the points of other players. So if someone got a higher point than you, they will receive a higher rank.

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