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[ Bugs ] 6.0 bug hunting contest


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UID: 300051968381621

ServerID: S924 sea mould

Character Name:《☆¤N4rut0¤☆》

Location of Bug: daily practice

Bug Description: double sun seal moon seal iconUntitled

Bug Print Screen

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UID :200000103505510

Server Id :S467 HK Uzumaki & Hyuga

Character Nickname: Diamond

Location Bug : New fitur Behind Group chat can.t click to open


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UID : 300001717779800

ServerID: S1100:Two as One | UK

Character Name: Zaazai

Location of Bug: no chakras but skill *on on

Bug Description: altought i've no chakra skill *on still look active

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Character name: Christine

I can't log into my main account on server 260, havent played in a year. It just says orochimaru has attacked me and I get logged out.

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UID: 82880548042569095(forum id)

ServerID: S995

Character Name: 1stYamikaze

Location of Bug: Nature Training.

Bug Description:

A.1 hp enemies unkill able, except its going to next round so u can only killing 1 line up on round 2, and the other line up on round 3...even if they were 1 hp from round 1 and u keep hitting them hard like 1k dmg its still refuse to die.LOL

B. Nature point gain, so per lvl unlocked is 5 points (lvl 6-7)? and its seem there are no additional points to repeating same lvl, why its that mine is 80 points while people just unlocked lvl 1 were having 160 points? and its seem u can pass to random lvl like 25, without passing round 2. cause its default selecting lvl 25.

C. Renningan sasuke does do chaos 100% and absord 20 chakra even with tai and nin skills.

Bug Print Screen:



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UID: 200000087144740

ServerID: LA S78-Pain-Shurado

Character Name: Ayana

Location of Bug: Ninja Test

Bug Description: German question and answers

Bug Print Screen (most important): Capture d’écran, le 2019-04-18 à 22

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UID: 300032103686473

ServerID: S1202: Needle Senbon

Character Name: Uehara Nana

Location of Bug: Ultimate Training UI menu

Bug Description: When hovering over the first two options in the UI for Ultimate Training they show up in German. The last training is by default in German and when you hover over it, it is in English.



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UID: 200000085442247

ServerID: S25

Character Name: Takosabi

Location of Bug: (where bug was met): Game Mailbox

Bug Description: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?): Cannot use Extract all attachments to collect rewards if your Ninja Tools or Treasure Maps are full. It will always fail. Before it would claim any reward that was possible and only skip rewards that were full. Attachments can be claimed individually if they are valid.

Bug Print Screen (most important):

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lmao i still haven't gotten the rewards for the 5.0 bug hunting contest; i don't think anyone receives rewards from this

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ServerID:1020 Dead Soul Jutsu

Character Name: ChocoboHead

Location of Bug: (where bug was met) Group HQ

Bug Description: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?) I clicked on "Lucky Wheel" link on the left when in Konoha and stumbled into this. I can't move or do anything in the Group HQ.

Bug Print Screen (most important):


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UID: 200000082769620

ServerID:S1116: Earth Grudge Fear

Character Name: Kuweekee

Location of Bug: (where bug was met) Nature training

Bug Description: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?)

At the new nature training mabui starts buffing units with unable to die for 2 turns, that buff doesn't get removed by using the wind skill that is supposed to remove all buffs!

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UID: 200000093880658

ServerID: S240 Mirror Return

Character Name:Tetsuo

Location of Bug: convoy and plunder

Bug Description: Unlike usual, the first opponent I fought was the plunder target and after that their support.

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when ever i try to recharge using bitcoin the site goes blank and never opens so could you fix it so that many players could recharge using bitcoin

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Shin (edo tensei) from spring matsuri event. when i count all i saw there r only 65 fragments (50 login during and 15 group wind chimes) in this event. So 15 fragments missing. Is that bug or oasis not give us full fragments. Plz clear that.


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UID: 200000092679809

ServerID: S561: Killer Bee

Character Name: BobtheSamurai

Location of Bug: GNW

Bug Description: Group Summons not Showing up for the battle

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UID: 200000102973684

ServerID: S523: Fukasaku

Character Name: Kross

Cant renew normal monthly pack, that said 1 day left and claimed, i didnt claim 50coupons today and should be expiredUntitled

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UID: 200000097405077

ServerID: S328-Laser Circus HK

Character Name: Tedi

Location of Bug: Anywhere

Bug Description: UPGRADE EQUIPMENT-Popping up even if you have nothing to upgrade equipments, but only other stuff like ninja star upgrade, Awaken Upgrade and Other Things.

Bug Print Screen (most important):


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UID: 300060826175811

ServerID:782 HK

Character Name: FoysalFive

Location of Bug: Cross server Great ninja war

Bug Description: Summons not working. Click the summons and its not show up. Its like i already used the summons and dead.

Screenshot (645)

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UID: 200000103228141

ServerID: S894 Practice Doll | HK

Character Name: ᴶᵁᴳᴬᴿ▼ᴹᴵᴳᵁá

Location of Bug: mystery

Bug Description: When i was on battle i experience the mystery apeared but there is no chakra.

Bug Print Screen:


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group summon bug, not coming out on war today

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