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[ Bugs ] Red envelope


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Today i have recharged 600 ingots. After switching tab to game, i have noticed that i have 1,1k ingots. As I understand it is because of the red envelope event. However after spending 600 ingots my bonus 500ingots dissapeared. Is it some kind of a bug or i just dont understand the way how the event works?


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Submit a ticket to support and they'll look into it for you.

Don't forget to include a full screenshot :)

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I think just visual bug , Red Envelopes doesn't work that way , it only gives cp

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Red Envelope is a recharge rebate.

It provides a % return as coupons and allows a certain amount to be sent to group mates as "Red Envelopes"

Outside of that, it has nothing to do with the Ingots you've already recharged.

What you experienced is most likely a visual bug.

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