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[ Help ] Can't log in my acc


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Point Blur_Apr162019_222814

How to sign in? How to get backup codes?

Anyone know please help already 6 hours not get

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well even if ur gmail is locked you should still be able to login through game as your gmail has no relation to the games login; you could theoretically use any random email and still play the game as the game doesn't force you to verify it

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That's Google, not Oasis.

But, try to use your device to get a security code if you haven't. "tapping yes" is usually the most convenient one, unless device is unavailable.

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Hi! If your account uses Google to access instead of a bound email account, you will need to be able to verify your login to gmail. This is a security by Google to make sure the account belongs to the user. Once you can verify, you will be able to access your Google account, as well as your game account tied to your Google account.. If you are unable to verify, you will need to click the last option, which is to "Get help", as you may need to contact Google's customer service to get the issue resolved.

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