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[ Updates ] Version 6.0 - Preview


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Dear Ninjas,

Thank you for accompanying Naruto OL through the past visions and always be there for Konoha. We sincerely invite you to come back to Konoha and enjoy the coming new vision 6.00 and extraordinary ninjas!The new system and functions are waiting for your exploring. Come back to Konoha and have fun with us!

Strong Ninja Arriving!!


Mei Terumi [Swimsuit]


Kabuto [Sage Mode]


Madara Uchiha [Great Ninja War]


Itachi Uchiha [Taisho]


Shisui Uchiha [Taisho]


Sasuke [Ronin]&Naruto [Ronin]

New Features

Nature Training


The latest PVE system is opening; experience the most intense battles of the five natures. Use ninja strong against each nature to deal maximum damage and earn huge rewards!

Level Requirement: Player level 80+

A)Much like Ninja Exam, but with Lightning, Water, and Earth attribute battles, with each attribute having 50 levels. The first phase will start on April 19th, and training will unlock in 3 rounds (Lightning training will open April 19th, Water Training April 21st, and Earth training on the 23rd). The mode will open for one week.

B) There will be 2 types of awards; Daily & Rank rewards.

C) Battles emphasize attribute weaknesses. In Lightning battles for example, all enemies will be of the Lightning attribute and Wind damage should be used for an easier victory. Or when facing Water, the Earth attribute can be used to gain the upper hand. (Damage bonuses for weaknesses are higher against single attributes. For example, Wind is strong against Lightning, when facing a Lightning attribute opponent, pure Wind damage will gain a greater damage bonus than combined Wind and Fire damage).

D) Each enemy line-up of attribute challenges is the same set of ninjas and players can see the lowest power level to have passed the challenge in the bottom right corner! This makes it easier for players to estimate their potential progress and learn from previous lineups.

E) Later levels can be chosen for each attribute, for example, a player can choose to skip level 1 and go straight to level 20, after passing level 20, 1-19 will be considered completed.

Nature Cultivation


The newest cultivation system, complete training to obtain all-new main character skills. New skills, new battle styles, only in Nature Cultivation!

Level Requirement: Player level 80+

A)Cultivation Rules

*The currently selected main character can choose a course to train in.

*Each main can only have 1 course selected (Including different natures).

*If a course is terminated before completion, progress is reset to 0.

* Only by completing all the tasks of a course can it be completed and the corresponding rewards be obtained.

*Some courses require a certain amount of Element Essence before training can begin.

B)Cultivation Rewards:

*After completing a course, the corresponding skill can be unlocked for permanent use as part of the main characters second nature.

* After completing a course, a certain amount of Element Essence can be obtained and used to unlock further courses.

*A skill can be chosen on the main characters talent page after completing its cultivation.

C)Regarding Class Changes:

* Each main characters Nature Cultivation is independent and does not affect the other mains.

*Progress will only be retained for the current character; the progress will remain 。

*Element Essence is used by main characters and cannot be used in cultivation by other mains after switching.

D)Choosing secondary ninja talents:

*A second nature can be chosen after unlocking the Nature Cultivation system.

*A second nature can only be chosen once.

*after choosing a second nature, all talents will switch to that natures trained skills; Untrained or not yet unlocked skills will remain in their original state.

*All talents will remain in their original state while a secondary nature is not selected.

Fair Battle Mode

No need to wait for matchmaking again, now you can have a fair battle with friends and rivals whenever and wherever you are!

A new world map fair fight mode

After selecting the target player, click the new "Fair Battle" *on in the function menu under their headframe to send the request.

System and function improvements

1. Ninja tools system optimization: Tools level limit increased to 100, specialty level increased to 25

2. Three new assist cards: Tenten; Hanzo Salamander; Hidan

3. New Assist links: Hiruzen Sarutobi [Edo Tensei], Minato Namikaze [Edo Tensei], Kushina Uzumaki, Kimimaro, Yamato, Sai, Torune Aburame, Fu Yamanaka;:Yugito Nii [Two-Tails Jinchuriki], Fu [Seven-Tails Jinchuriki], Kakashi [Susano’o], Iruka, Shikaku Nara, Choza Akimichi, Inoichi Yamanaka;

New Assist abilities; Naruto [Kurama Mode], Minato Namikaze [Edo Tensei], Guy [Gate of Shock]

4. Ninja Exam levels update, Equipment Rank increased by 1 level

5. New Breakthrough and Skill Trials, such as Kushina Uzumaki [Red Hot-Blooded Habanero], Yagura [Edo Tensei], Naruto [Sage Mode], Asuma [Wind Blade] and others

6. New private chat and group chat functions

7. When plundered during convoy, if a player is assisting, first, your own team fights, followed by the assisting player.

8. Group convoys cannot be abandoned

9. UI improvements

Power of the Sun and Power of the Moon emblems added to the main interface

Information box and chat window hidden during battles

“Remove All *on added to the Magatama and Rune interfaces

Equipment *on added to the team interface: allowing faster changes to equipment

Ninja skill changes

1. Hashirama Senju [The First Hokage]:

[Wood Style - Deep Forest Creation] will change to:Launches a Barrier, increasing the Attack and Ninjutsu of all Konoha Ninja in your Lineup by 40%. The first attack this unit makes each round while the barrier is active will cause damage to 2 random units and will cause them to suffer from [Immobile]. Up to 20 Chakra will be consumed for each enemy unit struck.

[Wood Style - Deep Forest Creation+1] will change to [Prompt Skill]: Launches a Barrier, increasing the Attack and Ninjutsu of all Konoha Ninja in your Lineup by 40%. The first attack this unit makes each round while the barrier is active will cause damage to 2 random units and will cause them to suffer from [Immobile]. Up to 30 Chakra will be consumed for each enemy unit struck.

2. Deidara [Edo Tensei]:

[Detonating Clay - Spider] will be added orange Y skill [Sensitive Posture]:

After receiving 3 attacks, Deidara's Resistance and Dodge Rate will increase by 50%, lasting until the end of the round.

[Explosives Specialist +2] will change to

Critical attacks cause [Ignition]. Whenever an enemy unit is defeated, Critical Attack is increased by 8% and Ninjutsu by 6%. (Triggered up to 5 times per round).

[Combat Maniac Y] will change to:

For each [Debuff] on Deidara, his Ninjutsu is increased by 15% and Resistance by 25%.

[Combat Maniac Y+1] will change to

For each [Debuff] on Deidara, his Ninjutsu and Resistance are increased by 25%.

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where is the new ninja.??

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I'm excited

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oof Itachi [Taisho] i wish i get that

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Keep your 6.0 until we get all the 5.0 features.

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  • Luminai On 2019-04-17 23:12:27
  • But Ronin's standard is pure ninjutsu. So it will get no scaling from his atk% boosts. O.o So what is what makes him great? his mystery? Or just the fact he scales off standards?

Yeah, Luminai, cretude is right. Ronin Naruto's Standard is pure Tai. Just a mistake on KP. If in doubt, feel free to look up the Ronin Naruto vid, say, by WhiteFang and pause on the untranslated section. Mystery is Tai 体 and Nin 忍 while his standard is only Tai 体. Chase is both.

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This is why we cant have nice things

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So we just had a 6+ hour maint and literally nothing new, wow that was worth the wait.

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  • ForTheShinobiAl On 2019-04-17 21:55:44
  • Right bro ... Almost nobody cares about the game itself , they just wanna win . Almost nobody really enjoys themselves , they just smile when they scroll their ninja collection . The real problem about 6pn is not that he needs a nerf nor that he's too op . It's that every single person uses him (myself included cause i wanted to be of more help to my grp and friends, was running Kushina-Shisui-LM-Itachi anbu for a year and it was well , weak in 3v3 scenarios) and that 99% of the fights go to round 10 and the 6pn with more hp wins . Boring, pathetic , meh . But oh well . Someday soon i will quit for good , have not been playing properly for quite some time(the only night time activities i do are Matsuri and GNW)

I am slowly quitting doing pvp events, I really rarely did matsuri because I was out of competition, I ran for a year same lineup that could only win sometimes against some ninjas (4th Raikage, Samui, Darui, LM). Powerful team, heavily relies on buffs, but it kicks ass very nicely...but only when it does, since with all the metas and the skill changes to some mains were pretty *, like having Water Main using her shark bomb with the chaos effect constantly, that's bs having it every round, sure it works best when you got higher ini. Another thing is the fire main sealing mystery...they added more of debuffs it does and ignores immunity which it didn't before, for example previously, when I activated my 4th Ay, that transvest1te couldn't seal my Ay, but now those teams are just waiting for me to activate to disable it...

It is not just out of balance, it as well feels like a bias, but surely it is not.

Another thing is Mains and their performance...regarding metas and all that I really dislike how this is working too. I understand there are ninjas that work better with some other ninjas, but the lightning main is one of the most very specific ninja usages and isn't very multi purpose, for example fire main and wind main can work very well with the rest of the ninja, earth main too, maybe water main is together with lightning main having very specific teams, and the problem is that I am forced to play a different main that I dislike for whatever the reason, just to be competitive. They want me to use that main to play better with that ninja, at the end everyone does that and it becomes a meta with same teams on battlefield. It isn't even fun. I got Naruto SP, and man it feels so * fighting for 10 rounds if you meet same power level player with SP Naruto, both doing same mystery, both evade... And it repeats every round or wtf man. I got Naruto because I just wanted to finally break out of uncompetitive zone, since I used only one team for a year and only upgraded power.

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This maintenance has gone way too long. 6hrs now, surely you won't hand us just dangos for making us wait that long.

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When maintence is ends ?

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I like Oasis is very prompt in releasing the 6.0....

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you'll be releasing the 6.0 mini client too

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  • Daiske On 2019-04-16 00:26:53
  • Hello everyone.

    Please keep in mind this is just preview. No date has been announced yet.

how can you believe in your own lie ?

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Does any one have an estimation on how much they will cost?

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  • cretude On 2019-04-18 00:22:47
  • His Standard is pure Tai.Watch Youtube videos how he's doing 0 damage to MAdara Founder.

On Konohaproxy it is listed as pure NIN. O.o

So I guess if proxy is wrong and it's pure tai, I can see the appeal.

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  • Ĝřęëðÿ məŕ¢ħåñţ On 2019-04-15 22:24:42
  • wow ronin already, i can clearly says that we will not get any balance between income coupons/free items and broken ninja for a long term period. i feel both amazed and terrifed at the same time

same here

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  • Matilda83 On 2019-04-18 01:19:19
  • Can someone say to me is it true that they are going to remove some ninjas, please?

Not true.

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  • Luminai On 2019-04-17 22:22:43
  • I just got SOSP like 2 weeks ago :( And now he will be obsolete because of Ronin.

    F2P struggle is real.

And because of Kurama assist link.

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  • Daiske On 2019-04-16 00:26:53
  • Hello everyone.

    Please keep in mind this is just preview. No date has been announced yet.

stop all these lies Daiske , we get 6.0 tomorrow 18/4 -_-

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