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I'm already play this game for 3months , I'm never get legendary pack in gnw, sometimes just collect 5 seal scroll or not get

moderator please do something if you respect community naruto online

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Moderators cannot do anything about your problem .. The one you need to talk with is your Group Leader or Quartermaster .. They are the one who decides for Distributing Packs in GNWs .. If you haven't experience receiving Legendary Pack then talk to them .. Ask why you are not getting it or maybe your group has certain rules and you don't meet the said requirements .. Only them can help to resolve your problem and not the Moderators here ..

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Hi! As Qv said, Group GNW packs distribution are determined by your respective Group Leader. If you are unhappy with the way a Group functions or distributes pack, you c*ways choose to either join another group or make a new one.

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