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[ Ninja Profile ] God Guo: I would like to call Gakido the strongest support


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Recently a really strong support ninja, pain gakido get his own skill breakthrough. We all know that before breakthrough gakido is already a really strong support, who can provide immunity , shield, cancel debuff at the same time and only cost one position, and after skill breakthrough, I just consider that, in the normal support ninjas, Gakido is of course the strongest, in my own opinion.

So here is the skills description of the skills after breakthrough, I have two passive skills not completely breakthrough, the first one we should break it, cancel one debuff or two is a big improvement. The last passive is just not such important, for the popular position one ninjas only sasuke has rinnegan, but sasuke cannot cooperate well with gakido, so the last passive only can help himself to be more difficult to kill, if you can break it then it’s really good, but it’s not a necessary thing.


So here let’s make an *ysis, first is the mystery, here I strongly suggest players to choose the Y+1 mystery, for the reduce one round cool down time is really strong, we can find that some position 1 ninja like minato jonin, Naruto six path or kurama, these ninjas c*e mystery every round, but sometimes if their attack did not get high combo, then their mystery cool down time cannot be reduced, and this time you c*e the gakido to reduce their cooldown time. And also, the mystery can provide immunity to the target ninja, for the minato and other no immunity position 1 ninjas are really useful. Also, for some ninja like konan angel of god, this mystery can help her use mystery much more frequently, and this is a really huge enhancement.

Then is the attack, this is a normal attack cannot provide any debuff, but it can cause high float and the possibility is really high, so when the other three ninjas both fail to use attack to lead to chase combo, gakido can be the last insurance to ensure our chase combo can be chased every round.

Chase attack, another skill of god, here I also strongly suggest choosing the Y, for a chase attack which can increase the cool down time of enemy ninjas is really strong. Consider about this, when we finish this the first time, next round of course we c*e mystery when our enemy cannot, and we c*e chase combo to cause his mystery cool down time increase 1 round more, and repeat this time and time again we can cause the enemy never use his mystery anymore, this is the strong part of this chase attack. Now, in the ninjas whose chase attack can increase cool down time, Gakiso is the easiest one to get, so if you do not have one or your gakido is only 3 stars, work hard to get a breakthrough gakido, he will never let you down.

Passive one, also a strong passive. Cancel two debuffs when gakido moves, if gakido use this mystery, then in one round gakido can cancel 4 buffs for everyone in line up, which is really strong. This is a easy skill which is easy to understand it self and understand why it’s strong.

Passive two, increase resistance for rinnegan ninjas, this can work well with other pain ninjas, and also the edo tensi jinchuriki ninjas. But when we use it alone, I suggest to use Y or Y+1, for the halo effect cannot be cancel by Han and Madara, but this passive is not a skill that must be breakthrough.

So here I give the importance of these skills:


Mystery = chase attack > passive one > attack > passive two.

Hope all of you c*e little materials to breakthrough this ninja well. And about how to make a line up for him I’ll get another essay to talk about that.

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