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[ Bugs ] Random Battles (gnw random battle event )


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So i found a huge bug in a event called Random battles. Not sure if this is a correct event name. Its an event made for people and groups who did not qualified

for normal gnw.

I joined on my plunder alt and 1st round was fine. There were no high power people because we had Normal gnw round. But in the 2nd round of Random Battles we had few 150-200k people

participate. And those people already participated in normal GNW. So they got b rewards from Normal gnw and Random battles.

Its really strange to be allowed to join random battles even if you did normal gnw. I dont think event was made l to work like this. I clearly remember part where it was said

that event was there only for people who who did not qualified for normal GNW

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Random GNW is available if there was no second round for your group. Depending on how many teams qualified, you might only have one round on saturday which is the final itself. Then you can join in the second round because you have no opponents.

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Well i dont know then, Its kinda strange that 25-30 people on my server didnt know we could join. And im sure we are not the only ones,

The rule says that Players yet to apply for The Great Ninja War and players eliminated from The Great Ninja War may take part. The people who joined today were already applied for GNW and they were not eliminated, I checked with few people from other servers and they had no clue they could join.

Do you know if this work only if there is no 2nd round for normal GNW? Or are there random battles in the same week as Cross GNW? I was just wondering if we could join random battles after cross gnw 1st round is finished?.

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