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[ Bugs ] Does Edo Tensei Treasure Super Rares Alternate?


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So a few days back I have officially done I think 240 pulls on this treasure (If it's 120 scrolls per super) and received Gengetsu both times. Kinda wanted Rasa, so I am wondering does that happen only on this treasure? Because I know all other super rares alternate.

Pulling him (again):

Gengetsu (30 frags got 5 from events):

Don't own Rasa:

Gonna post this in customer service too, but likely get declined since I do not have a screen shot of my first super rare pull back when the treasure released (didn't pull him immediately when the treasure came out). The treasure has been out long enough for most people to either have a second super rare or be close to pulling it if you have played long enough. I know I probably won't get Rasa, but could one of you atleast test the treasure a few times to see if it is possible to pull the same super rare twice on this treasure?

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As far as I know, this treasure in particular doesn't alternate between super rares. Like you, I know this from personal experience.

Back around 2017, I was pulling in this treasure for a super, the week prior to Jin 1 releasing, I pulled Rasa.

Later on in 2017, late september, around the same time as that lucky wheel that dropped Minato, I ended up pulling Rasa yet again, I was not happy, I wanted Gengetsu.

I did eventually free pull Gengetsu about twice, due to me deciding just to use fragments from events to get him. I'm pretty certain I pulled him twice due to the fact he's 3* for me, and I didn't invest any further into him.

So in the end, it looked kinda like this, I'm nearly certain of it.


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Edo Tensei Treasure and the Time-Limited Treasures don't alternate SR's

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