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[ Character ] New Ninja Collection! [6.0 Preliminary Event]


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Ninja Name: Lord Mui [Keeper of Hozuki Castle/Blood Prison]

Attributes: Male,Fire,Kusagakure[Hidden Grass Village],Secret Jutsu,Bloodline Limit


Mystery: Fire Style: Great Heavenly Fire Prison Jutsu- Suppresses immunity of selected unit to debuffs for 2 rounds and causes imprison; causes certain heavy damage and ignition to the selected unit and all units under imprison debuff. This skill consumes 4% of Mui's Life for every unit hit.

- Chakra: 20

- Cooldown: 2 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round

Standard: Heavenly Prison:Fire Sword -Attack 1 enemy unit with the least amount of life(excluding clones or puppets), with high chance of repulse and ignition.

Chase 1: Blast Palm: - Chases and attacks repulsed unit, causes imprison and knockdown while cancelling shields and buffs .This skill cannot miss and Mui recovers life based on 30% of damage caused.

(At 3 stars, this skill also increases mystery cooldown of targeted unit by 1 round. Has a 50% chance of reducing his own mystery cooldown instead of increasing opponent's cooldown)

Passive 1: Corruption:Box of Bliss- Before each action, has a 45% chance of causing imprison and tag to 2 of the opponents units.

(At 4 stars, changes to 100% chance)

Passive 2(unlocked at 4 stars): Heartless- Units who attack Mui will suffer from ignition and have the chakra cost of their mystery increased by 20 for 2 rounds(NON-STACKABLE)

Character Name- Shiroyasha

UID- 300063150981854

Server 911 - Future Peace

Region- UK

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I've risen from my grave to come back! And f*ck. There's no way to win now with all of these memes.

Sasuke Uchiha [Great Ninja War] - Lightning

- Konoha, Kekkei Genkai, Sharingan, Dojutsu, Secret Jutsu User, Uchiha, Hidden Sound, Akatsuki, Swordsman, Akatsuki, Allied Shinobi Forces

[Tai/Nin]Mystery: Inferno Style: Susano'o Flame Control[Prompt] - Attack 6 units on the field and supress Immunity and cause Combustion. The selected unit will suffer from Knockdown.

Chakra: 60 - Cooldown: 3 - BCD: 1

[Nin]Standard: Chidori Sharp Spear - Attack a line of units and cause Paralysis with a chance of causing 4 COMBO and Repulse. If a Critical Hit land, cause Immobile.

[Nin]Chase: Chidori Senbon - Triggered by 30 COMBO or more. Cause Acupuncture to 3 units on the field. This attack is always a Critical Hit.

Passive: Susano'o - Renewed Path - This unit is immune to Low Float, High Float, Knockdown and Repulse. For three rounds, grant Super Armor and reduce Ninjutsu damage by 20% to two random units on the field.

Passive: Power through Bonds - Every time a Konoha or Allied Shinobi Force unit triggers a chase, increase this unit's Attack by 12% and it's Ninjutsu by 4%.

Note: Combustion is supposed to be an improved version of Ignition. It cannot be healed or cleansed on the round it was applied, and it has a drawback of only lasting one round. It can, however, be stacked like Poison.

IGN: AlucardVonHellsing

Server: 143 - Gamakichi

UID: 200000089594731

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Edo Madara

Madara [Edo Tensei]

Mystery skill: Fire Style: Great Flame Annihilation: Causes huge fire element ninjutsu damage to all opposing units and ignition for 3 rounds, Interruption and Repulse.
Causes pure Ninjutsu damage.

Chakra: 40

Cooldown: 2 rounds

Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round

Standard Attack: Susano'o Attack: Attacks a random line in an opponent's lineup, this skill has a high chance to cause knockdown. This skill never misses and can be triggered 2 times per round.

Causes Taijutsu and Ninjutsu Damage.

Chase: Inferno Style: Yasaka Magatama: Chases and attacks a Knocked Down unit and causes High Float and Ignition.

Passive 1: Susano´o Super Armor: Madara has Super Armor and is Immune to pure ninjutsu damage and Debuffs.

Passive 2: Increases the damage done to all non-Edo Tensei units by 50%.

Or Summons 2 Wood Clones at the start of battle with attributes equal to 70% of Madara and increase the Attack and Ninjutsu of all Edo Tensei ninjas by 30%.

Attributes: Konoha, Male, Edo Tensei, Rinnegan, Secret Ninjutsu User, Uchiha

Element: Fire

Player Info:
Name: DrWeirdBeard
Server: 52 LA

UID: 200000086413475

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Hinata Hyuga [Pregnant Swimsuit]

Mystery : Children Summoning : Summon Himawari and Boruto Uzumaki, they both have 80% of Hinata's attribute and will Evade the 1st Mystery Attack or Standard Attack or Chase Skill suffered every round.

Chakra : 40

Battlefield cooldown : 0

Cooldown : 3

Standard : Breast Milk Squïrt : Attack the ennemy ninja with the least amount of health, causes Chaos and high chance of Knockdown. If it hits a male ninja, will attack once more.

Passive 1 : Child Support : When you have both children in the lineup, your standard attack will be replaced by a combo attack with the children. Attacks all the opponent's units in the back column and causes Tag, chance of Knockdown. If killed by this attack, gain another Standard.

Passive 2 : Father Test : Everytime a male unit attacks this ninja, the attacker will receive Tag and has 30% chance of causing Chaos. Hinata will recover 3% of Life and gain 3% Defense.

Chase : Belly Splash : Chases and attack a Low Floated unit, Suppresing immunity to debuff until the end of the round, while causing Knockdown and Tag. This ability may be triggered one more time for each children in the lineup.

Player info : S213-Kagari


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Ninja Name: Naruto [Harem]


Mystery: Devil’s Seduction: Deal Damage, 10 COMBO, and opponent formation all males units gets immobilised for 2 rounds. A selected unit will suffer Knockdown.

- Chakra: 40

- Cool down: 2 rounds

- Battlefield Cool down: 1 round

Standard: Power Of Kiss: Attacks the opponent’s front row and has a high chance of 3 COMBO, High Float and Knockdown.

Passive 1: Harem Mode: Summons 2 other Naruto with life based of 40% of the originals Naruto’s Life points. When Clone is killed, owner gets 15% Heal.

Passive 2: Manifesting Lover: If Sasuke is on the field, Naruto suppressing Super Armour, till Sasuke’s death.

Passive 3: Secret Flirt: At the beginning of battle, all Male units in your field be given a shields of 80% of this unit’s Resistance base attribute, their Ninjutsu and Attack will be raised by 30%, which last for 3 rounds.



S896:Med Kit


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Skills And Attribute.

1). Mystery: Fire Style Majestic Destroyer Flame + Heaven Concealed:


Deals heavy ninjutsu damage & Ignition to the entire enemy lineup. After using this mystery generate Susanoo on to your entire team which makes them immune to pure ninjutsu damage until the end of that round. If this Mystery is a success so in the following round replaces this mystery with Tengai Shinsei which will deals damage upto 9 units destroy all barriers

and suppresses their immunity and until the end of the round.



Chakra: 40 for Fire Style Majestic Destroyer Flame & 60 for Tengai Shinsei.

Mystery Cooldown: 2 round for the entire mystery but 0 for Tengai Shinsei( Because it depends on the previous mystery to be a success).

Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round.

2.) Standard Attack: Godly Taijustu Barage



Attacks the front entire team and causes strong damage & repulse to a random unit. This Attack is Undogdeable.

3.)Chase: Fire Style Hell's Judgement:


Triggered with atleast 20 combos and cause Ignition to the 4 units. This ignition cannot be removed or healed.

4.)(a)Passive: Wrath Of The Uchiha:


Causes Chaos to the enemy when receive any ninjutsu or taijutsu damage, this Passive has a 45% chance to be of success. Also decrease pure ninjutsu damage upto 50% less for the very first mystery Madara receives for every round.

5.)Passive:Wood Style: Deep Forest Bloom



Launches a barrier at the beggining of the round which increase 20% ninjutsu and attack of your team & decreases 20% of Deffence & Resistance of the enemy entire lineup. When this barriers stands your team member whenever causes a taijutsu damage to any opponent unit then they will cause poison on it (like Poison Tai). Madara has also his Susanoo which gives him Super Armor.

Bond Skill: The Gods Unleashed:

Deals Wood(Water and Earth) style and Fire style damage to the entire team which causes Ignition to the entire lineup and causes immobilization to a selected team and absorbs all of their chakra..

Info : PuppeyHattake, S327: Rinnegan Vision, UID:1366706280048822@facebook

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hatake sakumo

ninja name : Hatake Sakumo

Mystery: Poison Extraction Jutsu: Heal yourself and 1 selected unit for 65% of your base Ninjutsu and clear all debuffs. In addition, apply 1 time Mystery dodge to both units until the end of the following round.

- Chakra: 20

- Cooldown: 3 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round

Standard: Taijutsu Attack

[Tai] Attacks the front enemy and has a chance ofTriple ComboandRepulse.

Passive 1: Sc@ttering Thousand Crows

[Nin] Chase the High Floated enemy and cause repulse and 7 combo. Has a high chance of critical hit.

Passive 2: Fire Style: Flame Jutsu

[Nin] Chase theLow Floatedenemy and causerepulseandignite

Passive 3: white fang of konoha : At the beginning of battle, all Konoha units on the field will receive a Shield based on 40% resistance.

UID : 300046503422459

Name : Loser

Server : S1208:Fierce and Brutal | UK

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Ninja Name : Mighty Guy [ Eight Gates ]

Skills :

Mystery : Night Guy [ Prompt ] : Cause heavy taijutsu damage to a selected unit , suppress immunity to debuff's and super armor and knockdown. If the selected ninja is not of konoha damage increased by 30 % and cause immobile for 2 rounds . If dead by this attack selected unit cannot resurrect. This mystery will reduce guy life by 30%

Standard attack : Evening Elephant : Cause damage to a random line of enemies , have a high chance of causing repulse and increasing his taijutsu by 10%.

Chase : Consecutive normal punches : Chases and attack a high float unit causes knockdown and removes shield and buffs . This chase ignores certain amount of defense and resistance . Can be triggered twice each round.

Passive 1 : Strong Will: For every 1% of health you lose increase your defense by 2% and initiative by 1%.

Passive 2 : Super Speed : High chance of evading chases and attacks suffered by this unit.

Character name : Lactose

Server : HK S1153 Sealing Jutsu

UID : 300051462688743

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Ninja: Hayate Gekko

Attribute: Wind, Male, Konoha, Sword-user

Mystery Skill (NIN) (TAI)

Leaf Style- Dance of the Crescent Moon: Causes damage of 5 combo and Repulse and Interruption to selected unit. This skill never misses.

Chakra: 20

Cooldown time: 3

Battle field cooldown: 0

Standard Attack (TAI)

Leaf Style- Sword Slash Furry: Attacks the opponent’s front row and has a chance of 3 combo and Repulse

Chase Attack (TAI)

Secret Sword – Moonlight: Chases and attacks Repulsed unit causing Tag and Knockdown.

Passive (NIN)

Kenjutsu Instructor: At the beginning of battle increase attack and ninjutsu of up to 2 sword user attribute from your lineup by 25% for 3 rounds.

Passive (NIN)

Shadow Clone Jutsu: At the beginning of battle summon 2 Shadow clone. All clones will have Secret Sword – Moonlight as their standard attack.

Character name: ShirukuNokachi

Server: S1093 :Attack! Udon!

UID: 300035425141737

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Madara Uchiha ( Rinnegan Release )

Obtainable: 3 star ninja, from monthly sign in

Attributes: Fire, Uchiha, Sword-user, Blood Limit, Konoha, Kekkei Genkai, Rinnegan, Male


Mystery : Perfect Susanoo Slice : [prompt] Attacks and causes heavy damage, interruption, and Ignition to the opponent's whole lineup. Moreover, this mystery will cause imobilization to one selected unit on the opponent's side.

Battlefield Cooldown : 2 rounds

Cooldown : 3 rounds


Standard: Gunbai Fanned Wind : Attack the opponent's front row and has a high chance of causing repulse damage to one unit. (ignores immunity of opponents)

Chase : Heavenly Attraction of All Creation: Chases repulse, causes knockdown to a unit. Absorbs up tp 40 chakra from the opposing team and suppresses natural immunity to the chased unit.


Passive 1 : Uchiha Reflection : After Madara uses his mystery once, he will be able to absorb and reflect all damage targeted to him for one round. Moreover, All Uchiha, Akatsuki, and Senjutsu users on your team will recover 10% of their health when this passive is activated.


Passive 2 : Creation and Destruction: Madara is naturally immune to all debuffs and gives an attack boost of 12% at the beginning of the battle to all uchiha units. If there are no uchiha units present, Madara will inflict Nightmare to 2 opposing Allied Shinobi Force members.

*Nightmare : this debuff decreases a unit's control and attack by 70% for 2 turns, while causing immobile state for 1 round*

Bond Skill : Stars From Heaven : Causes 10 combo and paralysis to a selected unit. If the user has more than 40 chakra, the selected unit will suffer from dream state for 3 rounds.

Battlefield Cooldown : 2 rounds

Cooldown : 5 rounds


Username: ライトニング

Server name: S204 Shadow Clone

UID : 200000086131766

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Toneri 1

Ninja Name: Toneri Ōtsutsuki


Mystery: Kinrin Tensei Baku - Causes damage to 9 enemy units and causes ignition while canceling the selected unit buffs and shields, and causing knockdown and ignition. Upon which, Toneri gains explosive mode for 1 round

- Chakra: 60

- Cooldown: 2 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round

Standard: Taijutsu attack - attack the random line of units and causing knockdown

Chase 1: Gudodama: chases and knockdown unit, causes knockdown and immobile

Chase 2: Ginrin Tensei Baku: tridged with at least 20 combo, causes damage to random units of the opponent`s team

Passive: Tenseigan Chakra Mōdo: Toneri is immune to all debuff. During the expolosive mode increase his ninjutsu and critical rate by 30%

Player information:

Character name: Olivia

Server Number: S643

UID: 300015025225915

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  • SniperGoddess On 2019-04-12 21:09:25
  • 20190127_123604

    Ninja Name:Madara Uchiha [Edo Tensei]

    Type of ninja:Uchiha,Sword User,Senjutsu User,Secret Technique User


    Mystery: Summoning Jutsu:Kurama - Launches a Tailed Beast Bomb causing heavy Ninjutsu Damage and Ignition (last 1 round) up to 9 units,also cause Repulse and Immobile (last 1 round) to 1 selected unit.


    -Battlefield Cooldown:2 rounds

    Standard: Kurama Sweep - Attacks the firont row from the opponents lineup,cause Repulse and Ignition (last 2 rounds)

    Chase: Chases and Attacks a High Floated unit,causes Repulse and Ignition and Accupuncture (last for 2 round)

    Passive 1: Susanoo Madara is Immune to Debuffs,Low Float,High Float and Knockdown. Moreover, other Members in your field will have their Ninjutsu and Critical Rate increased by 40% (last for 5 rounds),

    Passive 2: Senjutsu Power: Before this units action,recovers 20% of Life when recovering +10 Chakra each round,also causes Terror: reduces Defense and Resistance by 10%.


    Server:302 Universal Pull


Oh very good

i vote for all

exsceply for madara Edo tensei

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Madara (Sicko Mode)

Attributes: Fire, Konoha, Secret Technique, Uchiha, Rinnegan, Male


Mystery: Slice of the Legendary Gunbai
Fire, Wind, Nin/Tai
Chakra cost: 40
Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round
Cooldown: 2 rounds

Deals heavy fire and wind attribute damage to 12 enemies on the field, causing interruption and blind to each unit and repulse to the selected unit. This unit will enter sicko mode.

Standard: Drip Too Hard

Attacks 1 of the enemies units at random with a high chance to cause knockdown. When Madara is in sicko mode, this standard will change to deal guaranteed earth and water attribute damage to 3 of the enemies units, suppressing super armour and causing knockdown. These skills ignore a certain amount of defence and resistance.

Chase: Judgement of the Hell King
Attributes: Nin, Lightning

Chases a repulsed unit to cause knockdown and acupuncture, increasing the targeted unit's cooldown by 1 round. This chase can be triggered 2 times.

Passive 1: Clowning on these Broke Ninjas
Attributes: Nin

This unit has a high chance to dodge chases. When Madara is in sicko mode, this unit will increase his own ninjutsu by 10% and recover life by 5% when hit.

Passive 2: Tailed Beast Control

Madara is immune to debuffs. Before each action in a turn, Madara will shield himself and one other unit based on 10% of this unit's resistance attribute.

Username: WaifuBeater
Server name: S369 Fifth Raikage
UID: 200000099445448

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Related image

Ninja name: Madara Uchiha (Edo Tensei)

Fire, Edo Tensei, Secret Jutsu user, Uchiha member, Senjutsu user, Konoha


Mystery (Ninjutsu): Wood style: Deep Forest Emergence: Causes Earth and Water damaged up to 9 units and the selected unit will have all its shields and debuffs cancelled and will suffer from Knockdown and immobile. (Mystery is undodgeabe)

Battlefield cooldown: 1 round

Cooldown: 2 rounds

Standard: Fire Style (Ninjutsu): Majestic Destroyer Flame: Attacks and causes ignition to up to 4 of the opponent's units.

Chase: Wood style (Ninjustu and Taijutsu): Deep Forest Bloom: Chases and attacks a repulsed unit causing high float and immobile. Can be triggered up to 2 times each round(Immobile lasts 2 rounds.)

Passive one: Susano'o Super Armor: Becomes immune to High Float, Low Float, Knockdown, Repulse, (Optional: and pure Ninjutsu damage.)

Passive two: Feared among all 5 nations: When Madara suffers from Taijutsu damage, the attacker will have their resistance reduce by 12% and is stackable .

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Nome: Homem-Gagalinha

Rank: SS (após encontrar um inimigo para humilhar e fazer piadas)

Estilo: Relâmpago

Esóterica: "Você é um merda cara" Causa dano 90% a mais de dano em 4 inimigos, cujo o inimigo selecionado terá chance de sofrer confusão por 2 rodadas, Caso Gaga cause confusão ele entra no modo "Sou superior talkey?" Aumentando suas piadas em 100% e seu dano base em 60% (Imune a interrupção.)

Atack básico: "Humorista fdm" Ataca um inimigo aleatorio e faz piadas com tudo que ele diz, pensa, fala ou até algo que você nunca pensou, causa sono ao inimigo atigido e remove status positivos do alvo.

Perseguição: "Que informação boa em, mas não ligo." Após 30 hits gaga causa desprezo ao inimigo aleatorio podendo acerta até 2 inimigos causando tristeza e selamento (Não é possível se esquivar.)

Passiva: No inicio do combate gaga dá um escudo de 100% da sua resistência a tutores, paneleiros e casher (caso crazy esteja em seu grupo, gaga dá 100% a mais de dano e 100% a mais de chance critica para crazy até o final da rodada.)

Manda salve lumei, esse ninja que fiz é de um "colega de guilda" meu.

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Amazing event!

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Good luck for everyone!

Player informations:

Name: Luizg0d

Server: S922 Ricochet Armoured Tower

UID: 300050484196301

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hatake sakumo

Hope i win, good luck to all!

SERVER: 648 Demonfox (US East)

Username: LuMei

ID: 200000032153383

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  • Lumei On 2019-04-15 09:16:50

  • hatake sakumo

    Hope i win, good luck to all!

    SERVER: 648 Demonfox (US East)

    Username: LuMei

    ID: 200000032153383

OMG Amazing!

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