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[ Character ] New Ninja Collection! [6.0 Preliminary Event]


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Can we move on to Otsutsuki clan members? lmao

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Ay final

Character Name: Sakkai [ Founder of Death Angels]

Male, Female, Akatsuki, Rinnegan, Secret Jutsu User, Blood Limit, Kage, Earth Element

Mystery: Thy sekai shalt kno Pain [PROMPT] - Tai/Nin Fire Earth - Deals damage to 10 units in opponents entire field cause Ignition, selected units has it's immunity to debuffs supressed untill the end of round and suffers from immobile and high float. After using his mystery Sakkai enters Zureb mode untill end of the round. This skill never miss.

Cooldown - 5

Battlefield Cooldown - 1

Chakra Usage - 120

Additional status: High float, Ignition, Immobile,

Standard attack - Lightning style - Paper bomb - deals damage to 4 random units in opponents entire field these units suffer from paralysis moreover if unit is defeated by this skill this unit get additional standard attack, can be trigerred once per round.

Additional Status: Paralysis

Chase: Universall push: Chase and attack high float cause repulse and tag. Can be triggered 3 times each round. Once per round reduces mystery cooldown by 1

Additional Status Tag, Knockdown

Chase: Susanoo *: Triggered with at least 30 combo cause tag to 3 random units. Sakkai heals himself by 10% of hp for every taged unit this skill hit

Additional Status: Tag

Passive 1: Susanoo Yata Mirror - Sakkai is immune to repulse, high float, knockdown and low float and receives 20% less damage from Akatsuki and Jinchuriki units and reflects one debuff each round moreover increase sakkai ninjutsu by 6% when participating in chase attack [ can be triggered 4 times each round]. Mystery chakra usage is lowered by 20 points each time Sakkai use his chase can be triggered 3 times each round, mystery chakra cost can be lowered up to 60 points and goes back to 120 after it is used. Zureb mode: While Zureb mode is active Sakkai reduces his mystery cooldown each time his chase hits taged unit [Can be triggered 2 times per round] and reduces target ninjutsu by 2% each time his chase is triggered.

Passive 2: Power of Bond: Active when in the same line as one of: Konan [Angel of God], Ay [4th Raikage], Madara Uchiha [Founder of Konoha] or Itachi Uchiha [Susanoo]: Each time one of those units use it's mystery skill reduces mystery skill cooldown of other ninja by 1 and increase both ninjas defense and resistance is increased by 10%. Can be triggered 1 time each round. This skill doesn't work when there is more than 1 listed ninja. [Team passive, not field one]

Jazzy, S33 Kurenai, UID: 200000024781112

Special thanks to The Terrible Player of s35 and to my mentor from s17

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Untitled Design

Ninja Name: Karin [Akatsuki]


Mystery:Healing Bite: Select *ly unit, this heals that unit by 60% and removes all debuffs (dream and weaken included) and gives 60 charka.

- Chakra: 0

- Cooldown: 3 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round

Standard: Toxic Perfume: Attack two random units causes toxic and has a chance of causing 5 hit combos.

Chase: Adamantine Chains : Chases Knockdown to Knockdown, Supresses Immunity and causes Immoblize. Lowers Mystery cooldown by one.

Passive 1: Charka Sensory: Dodges the first standard attack or chase.

Passive 2: Akatsuki Alert: Increases all akatsuki ninjas defense and resistance by 30% for 5 rounds.

Player information:

Character name: Jello J

Server Number: S788 Mysterious Mask : US East

UID: 300028142354684

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Obito [Rampage]

Type of ninja: Uchiha, Secret Technique, Konoha, Kekkei Genkai.

unknown (1)

Mystery: (PROMPT) Wood Style: Great Tree Spear: Causes damage up to 12 enemy units, Suppresion of Super Armor and causing Low Float to a selected unit, all enemies hit will suffer Bleeding until the end of the round Ninjas under the Bleeding status suffer damage every turn until to death. [taijutsu/ninjutsu]

- Chakra: 60.

- Cooldown: 2 rounds.

- Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round.

Standart: Super strength: Attacks the front enemy causing 3 combo, Low Float and suppressing Super Armor until the end of the round. [taijutsu]

Chase: Wood Style: Cutting Sprigs Jutsu: Chases enemies with Low Float, causes Repulse and Immobile, Ignore Resistance and Defense, also removes Buffs and Shields, chance to cause Bleeding. [taijutsu/ninjutsu]

Passive 1: Kamui: Void: Chance of dodging Mystery, Standard Attacks and Chases. [ninjutsu]

Passive 2: Rage: If Obito kills an enemy with his mystery or standard, gets an extra standard attack, for every dead ninja on your side of the field, increase you Ninjutsu and Attack in 30%, causes 75% more damage on hidden mist ninjas. [ninjutsu]

Bleeding: Cause the same damage Ignition every round.

Player Information:

Character name: FreakTorres

Server Number: S14 (Brasil)

UID: 200000034065847

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Ninja Name: Fūka

Skills (fan-made):

Mystery: Execution by Kiss (prompt): Deals certain Ninjutsu damage to the selected unit, causes Chaos for 2 rounds, stealing 50% of the target’s chakra, furthermore increases Fūka’s Ninjutsu and Resistance by 15% permanently. Upon which, Fūka gains Explosive mode for 1 round.

Chakra: 20

Cooldown: 3 Rounds

Battlefield cooldown: 1 Round

Standard: Water Release: Snake’s Mouth: Causes Water attribute Ninjutsu damage and 4 Combo to 3 units of the opponent’s lineup and has Fixed chance to causing Knockdown to 1 random unit. (Causes Slowness if Earth Release: Mud Spore is active).

Passive 1: Wind Release: Flower *tering Dance: Chases and attacks a Low Floated unit, causes High Float, dealing Wind attribute Ninjutsu damage and 10 Combo. (Causes Blindness if Water Release: Stormy Blockblade is active).

Passive 2: Earth Release: Mud Spore: Before the first action of each round Fūka removes the actual Barrier by summoning a river of mud which causes Slowness to 2 random units of the opponent’s lineup.

Passive 2 (Explosive mode): Water Release: Stormy Blockblade: Before the first action of each round Fūka removes the actual Barrier by summoning a massive amount of water which causes Weaken to 2 random units of the opponent’s lineup.

Passive 3: Colour Course Change: Fūka can get added attribute bonus of all 5 Chakra Natures.

Character Name: Mei Terumī

Server: S27 Hashirama

UID: 200000084198389

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Ninja name: Train Guy

Male, Konoha. Uchiha, Bloodline

Mystery [NON PROMPT]: Charming boy: Supress immunity to debuffs and cause chaos to selected target, if the target is male cause chaos to additional random unit.

Cooldown: 4 rounds

Battlefield Cooldown: 0

Chakra Usage: 0

Standard: You can't escape love: Attack random male unit and cause slow

Chase: Charming kiss: Chase and attack immobile cause chaos. If target is male reduce cooldown of mystery by 1

Chase: We are all equal: Triggered with 20 combo cause paralysis and tag to two random units 2 combo and reduce mystery cooldown by 1. Train guy suffers from tag and paralysis

Passive 1: Counterforce: Train guy receives 30% less damage from male ninjas but damage from female ninjas is increased by 30%

PS. His look is not important but his eyes are very important

Character name: Jazzy

Server: S33 Kurenai

User id: 200000024781112

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Sasuke (vs. Deidara)

Image result for sasuke vs deidara

M: Manda Nin

Summons Manda to protect up to 9 friendly units, during this time all units are not affected by damage or debuffs at all. Lasts 1 round

40c 2r 6r


Causes KNOCKDOWN and PARALYSIS to one unit. Can be done 2x a round


Triggered with 30 COMBO or higher causes IMMOBILE to up to 2 units and also decreases mystery cooldown time by 1

P1: Trapped In My Genjutsu

Will take no damage for the first attack on him every round

P2: I Will Not Burn

Immune to debuffs, when Sasuke is hit you gain 10 chakra

Stars: 3

Available at 4 stars: When hit the attacker has a 65% chance to receive Suppression of Super Armour

Obtainable: 30k coupons or ingots 4 Star 50k coupons or ingots

Male, Konoha, Akatsuki, Secret Jutsu user, Uchiha and Lightning


S975 Shadow Stitching Jutsu NY

How do you find UID?

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Deidara [Last Resort]

See the source image

Mystery: C4 causes damage to 12 units causes suppression of super armor and causes weakness.

See the source image

Standard:C2 Dragon: Hits opponents entire lineup and causes ignition.

See the source image

Passive 1:Explosive Clay Dolls: Summon 1-2 Explosive Clay Dolls at the start of each turn that split if attacked .Explosive Clay Dolls will explode when this unit uses a standard attack:2 of the opponent's units will be damaged and suffer from ignition.

See the source image

Passive 2:Master artist: Whenever a enemy unit is defeated unit gains 8% ninjutsu and 6% resistance

See the source image

Passive 3:C0:Resurrects immediately upon death. The mystery of this unit will become C0 skill and will lose all other skills.C0 will cause fatal damage to 2 units and oneself. This unit is killed by C0 and will not resurrect.

See the source image

Crowley, server 1 [200000082649707]

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It seems it's my time to shine. Well, here I go. I put a lot of effort into this...




Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 9

Dosu Kinuta

Element - Lightning

Attribute: Male, Hidden Sound

Available as a 2* Ninja

Dosu's fragments


Image form:

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 9

Text form:

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 1

Mystery: Resonating Echo Drill: Sound Manipulation

20 Chakra, 2-round CD, Prompt

[Nin] Deals damage, chaos and knockdown to one enemy. Ignores Resistance and Debuff Immunity.

View his animation here.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 1

Standard: Resonating Echo Drill


Attack the front enemy, cause Double Combo. Chance of Triple Combo, Low Float and Chaos.

Has a +50% increased combo rate to enemies who have been debuffed by Resonating Echo Drill: Sonic Storm.

View his animation here.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 1

Chase: Resonating Echo Drill: Sonic Storm


Chases the Low Floated enemy, causes Knockdown, and lowers target's Defense and Resistance.

View his animation here.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 1

Passive: Melody Arm: Sound Storage

[Nin] Whenever a Mystery is activated, increase Dosu's Ninjutsu and Attack by a certain percentile.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 1

Passive: Sensory Technique: Auditory Monitoring

[Nin] Thank to his superb hearing, Dosu is constantly aware of the area around him and can easily detect any threats. Dosu dodges the first Mystery or Standard that hits him each turn.


Dosu would play out as an overall debuffer/support ninja than anything. He would have decent HP, mediocre Attack, average Defense, average Ninjutsu and high Resistance. He would dish out lots of debuffs, at the cost of having a lower damage output until people started to use lots of Mysteries in the middle of the fight.

After a few rounds pass, a few Mysteries are used, and a few enemies' defense and resistance are lowered, Dosu really begins to shine. Even with the debuffs and his own buffs he won't become a high tier nuker in any way, but he'll deal much more damage and be able to support his allies better.

So that's that. I poured my heart into this one. Let me know if I need to change anything. I really don't know the meta very well as I did before, so pardon me if this is absolutely broken lol.

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OK here's 2 but they go together


M: Swift Wind Wall

Causes Heavy damage to all enemy units and BLINDNESS to up to 9. Also adds 2r to up to 3 units at random

20c 1r 3r

S: Pillar of Heaven

Causes REPULSE and IMMOBILE to one unit, while adding 1r to their cooldown time

C: Transformed Buddha

Chases and attacks a LOW FLOATED unit causes KNOCKDOWN, IMMOBILE, 10 COMBO, Critical and has a low chance of CHAOS

C: Truth Seeking Ball

Chases and attacks a REPULSED unit causes KNOCKDOWN and IMMOBILE can be triggered 2x a round

P: Village Respect

Increases all friendly units attack by 70% and gains 30c every round

Stars: 3

Obtainable: 50k C


M: Indra’s Arrow

Causes Paralysis to up to 9 units. Causes Repulse and Ignition to the selected unit and has a chance of Chaos.

20c 1r 3r

S: Susanoo Charge

Attacks a line of units causing Paralysis to them and Repulse to one at random

C: Amaterasu

Chases and attacks a Low Floated unit causes High Float, 10 Combo and Ignition (2r)

C: Sharingan

Triggered with 20 Combo causes Chaos to a random unit

P: True Power

Gains 30 chakra whenever this unit is hit, immune to debuffs, Low Float, High Float, Repulse and Knockdown

Stars: 3

Obtainable: 50k c


S975 Shadow Stitching Jutsu

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  • Sakura [Byakogou Seal]sakura 100 healings

    Attributes: Female, Konoha, Allied Shinobi Forces, Hidden Jutsu User,

    Mystery: Monster Strength - Sakura enters Explosive Mode. Causes Low float and suppresses super armor.

    Battlefield CD: 1

    Mystery CD: 2

    Standard Attack: Attacks the first line of opponents with a high chance of causing repulse.

    Passive 1: Cherry Blossom Kick - Chases and attacks low float, causes Knockdown, removes shields and buffs and causes Immobile. Decreases Sakura's Mystery by 1.

    Passive 2: Summoning Jutsu Great Katsuyu Healing - Before each action, this unit summons Katsuyu and will Heal 12 Units and removes 1 layer of debuffs. Can be triggered twice each round.

    Passive 3: Explosive Mode - Sakura becomes immune to debuffs. Sakura's Critical and Injury chance increases by 50% and all her attacks deal full damage to the surrounding units.

    Name/Server/UID: ThomasTheDankEngine, S-61 Moegi, 200000086208898


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idea: Itachi Ucihiha (Shonen)

Mystery: Chakra Infused Kunai

desc: does heavy nin damage to a selected opponants character while causing chaos to the selected unit.

Standard: Fireball Jutsu

desc: causes ignition to 2 of the opponants characters

Passive 1: Sharingan

desc: gives 20 chakra to your team before each round

Passive 2: Taijutsu attack

desc: causes tai damage to a random enemy unit

Passive 2: Kunai Slash

desc: does tai damage to a random enemy unit

Other details:

Price: Free in mt myoboku trial or as a monthly ninja

Star; 2 star ninja

Mystery skill uses 20 chakra and has a 1 round cooldown time at the beginning of the battle.

Image result for itachi kid naruto online

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted
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Ninja Name: Teuchi [Sage of Six Paths Ichiraku Ramen Edition]

Mystery: [Order Coming Right Up Jutsu] Attacks up to 9 opponents with hot noodle bowls causing ignition and slowness

Standard: [Chopping Sweep] Hits the entire front row of enemies with the greasy chop*s causing paralysis

Passive 1: [Gourmet Ramen] Before each action, Teuchi will remove all debuffs off of a random Konoha ninja in your field and give him/her an extra standard attack.

Passive 2: [Power of the Nine Bowls] Every time Teuchi is attacked one of his bowls will absorb the damage for him and then disappear when all nine bowls are gone he will go Beserk and deal 60% more damage to all ninjas who aren't from Konoha.

Passive 3: [Feeding My Customers] Before a fight begins Teuchi feeds all his allies with ramen giving them an increase in resistance and attack if Naruto is among them there is a very high chance to feed him with full buffs seeing as Naruto is his favorite customer.

S27 Hashirama: Pervysage

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Attributes: Male, Konoha, Sound Village, Akatsuki, Jiinchuriki(?)

Mystery: Mecha-Naruto Bijjudama - Faeru - Deals ninjutsu and taijutsu damage to up to 7 opponents units, inflicting Ignition. Selected target suffers from Repulse. Spends all available chakra, increasing damage by 15% for every 10 points of chakra spent. If target is a Giant Beast, damage is further increased by 80%. Mecha-Naruto also loses 20% of his current HP after using his Mystery.

Battlefield entrance cooldown: 1 turn
Cooldown: 3 turns
Chakra cost: 0


Standard: Mecha-Naruto Vehicle mode - Mecha-Naruto menacingly drives over the opponents unit, which is suffering from the highest number of Debuffs, with a certain chance to inflict Paralysis and Knockdown.

Passive 1: Kurama-hunter - Chase and attacks Low Float, causes Knockdown, can absorb up to 20 chakra, increases Mecha-Naruto ninjutsu and resistance by 10%, can be triggered twice each turn.


Passive 2: Flightu-Modo Bomber - Triggered with at least 20 hits, 3 of the opponents units suffer slight damage with the chance of Ignition.


Passive 3: Jinchuuriki 7610 - Mecha-Naruto is immune to all Debuffs. Moreover, each time a Debuff should have been applied to Mecha-Naruto, Mecha-Naruto gains 10 chakra and heals for 4% of his maximum health points.

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted
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Ninja Name: Uchiha Madara (Rinnegan)



Gedo Statue Swallow Jutsu – Adamantine Swallow Gedo Chains [Prompt]: Causes damage and Paralysis to up to 9 units of the opponent’s team and Suppresses All Immunity to Debuffs until the end of the round (At this time, if the opponent recovers its Immunity, it will cancel all of its Debuffs). Causes Repulse to a selected opponent’s unit and extra damage any Jinchuriki unite.

- Chakra: 60

- Cooldown: 2 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: None


Gedo Statue Ninjutsu Remove: Causes Ninjutsu damage to random opponent’s unit and absorb at most 60 Chakra points and Chaos and Knockdown and affected any jinchuriki units.


Chakra Black Receivers: Chases and Attacks a Knocked Down unit, causes Acupuncture and Knockdown, causes High Float and Ignition which lasts for 5 rounds. This skill is always a Critical Hit.

Passive 1:

Sage Art - Triggered with at least 40 combo, causes Earth, water, fire attribute damage to 9 of the opponent also affected any Jinchuriki units and suffer from immobile.

Passive 2:

Ninjutsu - Tailed Beast Chakra – Wars: Before each action of a round, recovers Life based on unit’s own Ninjutsu attributes. Can be triggered up to 3 times each round. Become immune to all Debuffs.

My information: FoysalFive

Server: 782, Land of Iron, HK

UID: 300060826175811

Note: I'm not good at making skills. Just give my guess what should be his skill. I want to see this Uchiha Madara (Rinnegan).

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  • Xarxsis On 2019-04-14 04:27:07

  • Chiyo [Swimsuit]


    Mystery: Puppet Performance: Skilful Achievement with a Human Body - Deals heavy ninjutsu damage to targeted ninja and causes repulse and low float, any ninja killed by this technique is ressurected as a puppet under your control and cannot be ressurected.

    Chakra cost: 80
    Battlefield cooldown 0
    Cooldown: 3

    Attack: Three Jewels Suction Crushing - Attacks the opponents back row, has a chance to causes 5 combo and low float.

    Chase: Unreasonable Suction Secret Puppet Technique - chases and attacks low float unit causes high float and immobile and drains all chakra, if a puppet is present in your lineup this chase can be triggered up to 3 times, if no puppet is present generate a chikamatsu collection puppet

    Passive: White Secret Technique: The Chikamatsu Collection - At the beginning of battle generates 3 Chikamatsu Collection puppets based on the original attributes of the ninja

    Passive: Secret technique - Mastery of male desires - Chiyo [swimsuit] deals 100% extra damage to all non edo tensi male units.

    [Weiss] S560 Blue Bee, the Eight-Tails UID 200000107365062

you have my vote

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maxresdefault - Copy

Ninja Name:Chiyo [Swimsuit]


Mystery: God of kunoichi.Three puppets(of her ten puppets) will be used to attack all units in the enemy lineup.Can't be dodged or interrupted.

- Chakra: 0

- Cooldown: 1

- Battlefield Cooldown: 0 round

Standard: Summon 3 puppets to the field.Also known as pechy pechy beater ,causes low float and knockdown. A unit defeated by this skill can't be revived.

Passive 1: Amazonian rain .Cause bleeding and blindness to all male units for 10 rounds.Units affected by bleeding will takes 50% more damage.

Passive 2: Breath of death. Steals 20 chakra for each male unit in the enemy field.

Passive 3:Swimsuits unite!Increase resistance,attack and ninjutsu for all swimsuit units by 40%

Player info: not interested in the rewards so no.

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