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[ Character ] New Ninja Collection! [6.0 Preliminary Event]


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Might Guy [Eight Gates Released Formation]

Mystery: Night Guy [TAI]
Chakra Consumption: 40
Cooldown: 3
Battlefield cooldown: 1
Description: Causes unmissable high damage up to 9 units in enemy lineup,Repulse, 5 Combo, Interruption and increases the selected units Mystery Cooldown by 1. Once used this unit loses 25% health. This unit c*e 3 standard attacks this round.

Standard attack: Evening Elephant [TAI]
Description: Attack a random line of opponents, very likely to cause Repulse and 3 Combo. This skill cannot miss. Each attack Guy does reduces his Health by 1%.

Chase: Leaf Great Whirlwind [TAI]
Description: Chases Repulse and Causes Low Float, also removes all of that units Shields and Buffs and causes Immobile, Immobile lasts 2 rounds.

Passive: Youth is Eternal
Desc: For every 1% health lost, Guy gains 1.4% Critical and 2.5% Combo rate.Guy is immune to all debuffs.

Passive 2: Strongest Taijutsu user
Desc: Every time Guy attacks, increase his Attack by 6%. If this attack kills an enemy Guy can attack again. If there is a Konoha unit in your team, gain 20 chakra every time Guy uses his Standard attack.

Player information:

Character name: NightRaven

Server Number: S17
UID: 200000082073558

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Karin [Loving Rage]
Mastery: Adamantine Sealing Chains
Causes damage to 5 of the opponent units, 3 combo, an removes immunity to all debuffs for one round. Causes knockdown to the selected unit and chaos . Furthermore every time this unit takes damage reduces cooldown time by 1 round.
-Chakra usage 20
-Battlefield cooldown: 2 rounds
-Cooldown: 3 rounds

Standard: Adamantine Chains
Attacks the front row an cause 5 combo and immobile to the selected unit. Cannot be dodged High chance to cause repulse to a unit.

Passive 1: Endless Love
Becomes immune to all debuffs. And gains 1% ninjutsu and 1% attacks for every 1% life lost

Passive 2: Great Perfume Spray
Triggered with at least 20 combo, causes 3 combo, poison, and ignite to 4 units of the enemy lineup.

Passive 3: Loving Sacrifice
Before an action heal all units on team by 15% of their base ninjutsu and cause damage to oneself by 10% of base life.

Bond Mastery: Taka's Protection
Causes damage to 7 of the opponent units, tag, interruption, ignite, and removes immunity to all debuffs for one round. This skill and Adamantine Sealing Chains alternate. During this round when taking damage lowers standard attack by 1 round and gains super armor.
-Chakra Cost 40.
-Ninja Requirments: Sasuke Sussano, Jugo, Suigetsu, and Akatsuki Orochimaru.

Server Number: 3
Name: HattoriHanzo
UID: 200000082882380
f50524ee5f161f437400aaf215c9e12f (1)

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Ninja Name: Gaara the one tail jinchuriki (shukaku)


Mystery: Ultimately Hard Absolute Attack: Spear of Shukaku [Prompt]: Cause damage of Wind and Earth attributes up to 4 units from the opponent’s team and Knockdown to the selected opponent’s unit.

- Chakra: 60

- Cooldown: 3 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round

Standard: Sand Shuriken Attacks the opponent’s front row and has a chance of 5 COMBO and High Float.

Passive 1: Ultimately Hard Absolute Defense: Shield of Shukaku Launches a barrier, increases by 20% the Attack and Ninjutsu attributes for Earth and Wind units in your field. Moreover will generate a Shield for 2 sand ninjas on 25% of this unit’s resistance base attribute.

Passive 2: Tailed beast chakra Before each action in a round, recovers Life based on its Ninjutsu attribute and generate a Shield to himself 15% of this unit’s resistance base attribute.

Player information:

Character name: Uzumakitaka

Server Number: S146 :Blue Snake

UID: 200000089872856

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Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 21
Ninja Name: Jennie Kim [Lara Croft]

Mystery: DDU-DU-DDU-DU: [Prompt] Uses her Bazooka chakra rockets and causes heavy Water, Wind, Fire, Lightning and Earth attribute damage to the opponent whole field and will cause 15 combo to every unit of the opponent's line up.
- Chakra: 10
- Cooldown: 2 rounds
- Battlefield Cooldown: 0 round

Standard: Ultimate headkick jutsu:
Attacks 3 random opponents and will always cause repulse.
Passive 1: BLACKPINK GIRLPOWER: Summons three other holy ninjas (Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo) and gains 70% health back every round.
Passive 2: Can't kill any ninja to give ninjas like Naruto [Sage of the Six Paths] a chance.

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Fuka by Taygete


Pictures edited by me

Name : Fūka


Mystery [Execution by Kiss] [Prompt]:

Attacks the selected unit, causing Chaos and lowering Defense by 30% for 2 rounds while Suprassing all immunity to debuffs. Moreover, you will recieve all of the Chakra the enemy unit might have.

Battlefield Cooldown: 4 round(s) Cooldown time: 0 round(s) Chakra Cost: 60

Standard [Hair Expand Jutsu]:

Attacks opponent's front row and has given chance of causing 6 COMBO and High float.

Skillbreakthrough : Standard L-1

Attacks opponent's front row and has high chance of causing High float and Paralysis. This skill ignores opponents Defense and never miss. Reduced damage by 30%

Chase [Eye Contant: Paralasyis]:

Chases and Attacks a Knocked Down unit, causes repulse and Paralysis. Can be triggered twice each round.

Skillbreakthrough : Chase +1

Chases and Attacks a Knocked Down unit, causes repulse, Paralysis and Wind atrribute damage increased by 30%. Can be triggered twice each round.

Skillbreakthrough : Chase Y

Chases and Attacks a Knocked Down unit, causes repulse. Meanwhile absorbs up to 20 chakra from enemy unit.

Passive [Scroll of Different Bodies]:

Each round this unit's Attribute will change randomly into Fire, Water, Wind, Earth or Lightning.

If a Combo is Triggered it by this unit's Standard Skill will cause Fire Attribute, Earth Attribute, Water Attribute, Wind Attribute or Lightning Attribute Damage depending on the Attribute the unit has that round.

Skillbreakthrough : Passive Y+2

Everytime this unit triggers chase skill, increases its Defense and Resistance by 7%

Passive [Seductive vixen]:

At the beginning of each round, up to 2 male units from the opponent's team will suffer from Paralysis. (This passive is not stackable with Breeze Dancer's Harem jutsu)

Skillbreakthrough : Passive L+1

Before this unit's action, 1-3 male units from your entire field will be Healed and will have 2 debuffs canceled. If opponent's chakra is lower than 60, 3 fixed male units will be healed.

Player's information: Huoying - S157 - 200000090304200

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1124257Obito[Ten tails Jinchuuriki]

I will do his skills later

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Chiyo [Swimsuit]


Mystery: Puppet Performance: Skilful Achievement with a Human Body - Deals heavy ninjutsu damage to targeted ninja and causes repulse and low float, any ninja killed by this technique is ressurected as a puppet under your control and cannot be ressurected.

Chakra cost: 80
Battlefield cooldown 0
Cooldown: 3

Attack: Three Jewels Suction Crushing - Attacks the opponents back row, has a chance to causes 5 combo and low float.

Chase: Unreasonable Suction Secret Puppet Technique - chases and attacks low float unit causes high float and immobile and drains all chakra, if a puppet is present in your lineup this chase can be triggered up to 3 times, if no puppet is present generate a chikamatsu collection puppet

Passive: White Secret Technique: The Chikamatsu Collection - At the beginning of battle generates 3 Chikamatsu Collection puppets based on the original attributes of the ninja

Passive: Secret technique - Mastery of male desires - Chiyo [swimsuit] deals 100% extra damage to all non edo tensi male units.

[Weiss] S560 Blue Bee, the Eight-Tails UID 200000107365062

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Ninja name : Igloo [ The Penguin ]

Mystery : Fish attack: Cause damage up to 3 opponent's lineup and have a chance to cause Interruption.

A selected unit will suffer from Repulse. Moreover, every time Igloo use his mystery, increase initiative by 500 to 1 random unit.

Chakra : 20
Cooldown : 5 Rounds
Battlefield Cooldown : 2 round

Standard : Flipper attack : Attack up to all the opponent's unit in the last column. A selected unit will suffer from Repulse.

Chase : Snowball : Chases and attacks a Repulse unit cause Repulse. Can be triggered 4 times each round. (Go through every ally lineup)

Moreover reduced critical by 100 each time a unit is hit by Igloo's chase.

Passive 1 : Grow up : Every time this unit triggers a chase skill. Increases its Defense and Resistance by 3% and reduce its Mystery skill's Cooldown time by 1 round.

Passive 2 : Lucky fish : Igloo is immune to debuff for 2 roundsand he can't die from mystery or chase skills.

Player information :

Character name : AngleEarth

Server number : S21 Orochimaru

UID : 200000084218380

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  • yo it's shinji On 2019-04-12 11:01:58
  • This is something ive had created a few months ago as a "fake new ninja leak from China". Seems like my work could become useful now :D

    Hidan [Edo Tensei]

    Mystery: Sickle Whirlwind: Damage, Tag, 3 Combo to 1 Lineup. Knockdown to selected unit. Suppresses Debuff Immunity until the end of the round. If you have another Akatsuki alive, this skill is undodgeable.

    Attack: Death Possession Blood - Mass Sacrifice: Heavy, certain damage to every enemy ninja, suffering from Tag, damages himself. Recovers 130% of damage he took right after.

    Chase: Heavy Sickle Throw: Triggered with at least 30 Combo, attacks 3 units, causes Tag & Slowdown. Reduce mystery cooldown by 1 round.

    Passive 1: For Jashin-Sama!: Gains 1% Attack & Injury for every 1% of life lost by damaging himself. Cannot die from Self Harm, instead revives with 30% of life.

    Passive 2: Vengefulness: While Hidan remains on the field, all Akatsuki units deal 30% more damage to Konoha units. Hidan аlways deals critical damage to Konoha units. (Unremovable buff, like Konan & Madara)

    Bond Skill: Death Curse: If an opponents unit dodges an аllied Akatsuki`s Mystery Skill, Hidan takes the damage instead and spreads it evenly between that (the unit that dodged) and every tagged opponents unit, causing Immobile to the dodger(s). This damage is considered as Self Harm. (Level 25, Kakuzu [Edo Tensei] (which is most likely going to be released sooner or later, or, if not, then Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear] will do) & 3 other Akatsuki cards required in Assist Links. Adds up to Passive 2).

    Your Player information: Chloe, S530: Asura Otsutsuki, UID: 200000106280979

Sakura [Strength of a Hundred Seal]

Mystery: Katsuyu immense network: Heals up to 9 friendly units and clears all debuffs or attacks up to 10 units and causes paralyze, poison and knockdown.

-Chakra: 40

-Cooldown: 2 rounds

-Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round

Standard attack: Cherry Blossom Impact: Deals damage to up to 4 enemies at random. High chance to crit and high float.

Chase: Giant Katsuyu Drop: Chases and attacks a knockdown unit, causing high float and poison. Can be triggered 2 times.

Passive 1: Creation rebirth: Recovers 8% of life and adds 8% of attack, when attacked each time. Passive 2: Regenerative Healing Jutsu: Heals up to 4 friendly units and clears 1 layer of debuffs. Scales with ninjutsu.

Player information:

Character name: Jinan

Server Number: S989

UID: 300041286012872

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chiyo final

Ninja Name: Chiyo Golden-Age [Swimsuit]


Mystery: Gift of Ressurection: Gives a Kiss of Life to a selected unit, healing 75% of this units life and causing immobile. Chiyo' life will receive a damage of 10%.

- Chakra: 20

- Cooldown: 2 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 0 round

Standard: Secret Move - Jest : Attacks the front row and with a high chance of causing Repulse.

Passive 1: Puppet Performance: Human Puppet: Attack a Resulse unit, causing High Float and Paralyze, increasing the targets mystery cooldown by 1 round.

Passive 2: Sealing Technique - Eye Closing Roar: Before each action, causes two of enemies units to suffer from blindess while taking away buffs and shields.

Passive 3: Golden Age Charm: At the beginning of battle, lower the Resistance and Defense of all Male units on the opponents field.

Character name : Katsumi

Server number : S35 Hebihime

UID : 200000084509027

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infinite kurwa

Ninja Name: Sasuke [Infinite Kurwa Sharingan]

Mystery - Kurwa Sharingan Activation: Deals Lightning damage to opponents entire team and defeats any Kakuzu on the field, the defeated ninjas can't revive.

- Chakra: 20

- Cooldown: 1 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 0 round

Standard - Ja Pierdole: Attacks the lowest HP Naruto in the field and deals fatal damage.

Passive 1 - Polska Barrier: At the begining of the battle lanches a barrier in which any ninja with any red or white colour gets 100% Ninjutsu and 100% Resistance.

Passive 2 - O Kurwa!: Before each action heals all team HP to the max.

Passive 3 - Wypierdalaj: While this ninja is alive, all ninjas in the field have their super armor and immunity surpressed

UID : 200000083331598

Name : Enzo

Server : S27 - Hashirama

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Ninja Name: Tsunade [Swimsuit ]


Mystery: [Prompt] Relaxing beach party : Heal up 4 units at your team for 65% of your base Ninjutsu and clear all debuffs. In addition, apply 1 time Mystery dodge to both units until the end of the following round.

- Chakra: 20

- Cooldown: 2 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round

Standard : heaven's fist : Attack 1 enemy unit , causing undodgable damage, and have a chance to suppressing Super Armor , and a high chance of Knockdown.

Passive 1: Neurotoxin : Causes Chaos when landing a Critical Hit and this unit will get 35% Extra Critical Hit Rate .

Passive 2: Beach Kick : Chases and Attacks a High Floated unit . causes Knockdown and Chaos .

Passive 3: summer time : At the beginning of battle, all Male units on the field will receive a Attack based for 40%. As long as Tsunade remains on the field, their Attack and Ninjutsu will also increase by 30%.

Character Name : Raizel
Server Number : S41 Tayuya

UID : 200000084990779

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Ninja name: Naruto [Kimono]

Mystery: Summoning Jutsu - Gamabunta's Tanto: Causes damage to up 7 enemies in the field, also causes Tag and Knockdown to the selected enemy.

- Chakra cost: 40

- Battlefield cooldown: 3

- Cooldown: 4

Standard: Summoning Jutsu - Gamakichi: Causes damage to 2-4 enemies from the same lineup with the change of knockdown. Everytime when this ninja uses his standard attack, increases his Standard Attack with 5%

Chase: Rasengan: Chases knockdown, causes repulse and increases his own attack by 5% and Combo Rate by 12%. Can be triggered twice per round.

Passive 1: Ronnin Spirit: Can be triggered twice per round. If you defeat and enemy with your standard attack, gets an extra attack.

Passive 2: Hasso No Kamae: Increases the attack and ninjutsu of every ninja on the field on the same row than Naruto as long they have full life.

Character name: RockerulBogdan

UID: 200000085883247

Server: S60 Udon

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Ninja Name: Jugo [Full Curse Mark]


Mystery:Jet Blaster barrage: Causes Taijutsu and ninjustsu damage to oponent's entire team and Repulse,ignition and supresses super armor for 1 round to selected ninja.

- Chakra: 40

- Cooldown: 4 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round

Standard: Berserk Rush: Attack front unit causes Low float, high chance of causing 5 combos.

Passive 1: Propelled Punch: Chases Low float causes repulse and paralysis can be triggered up to 2 times per round.

Passive 2: Piston punch: Chases repulse causes knockdown and causes imobile

Passive 3: Curse Mark Rage:Anytime this unit suffers an attack reduce mystery cooldown by 1 round and increase it's crit hit rate by 3%.

Player information:

Character name: KingR

Server Number: S172 Flood Dragon

UID: 200000090954681

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i want to put 9 ninja in team include main char

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kimi main alt

Ninja Name: Kimimaro (Edo Tensei)


Mystery: Corpse Bone Field - Cause Taijutsu and Ninjutsu damange to the entire enemy's field. Selected target will suffer from repulse.

- Chakra: 60

- Cooldown: 2 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round

kimi mystery

Standard: Corpse Bone Chain - Thwarting Dance: Generates a shield based on this units base Defense. 30% chance to inflict 5% damage received back to attacker.

Chase: Corpse Bone Chain - Rain of Marrow - Triggered with 20 or more combo, causes ninjutsu and taijutsu damage and immobile to 2 units at random.

Passive 1: Curse Tag - Dead Stage - Increase this units own Defense and Resistance by 10% when damaged.

Passive 2: Corpse Bone Chain - Dead Duet - If there is 1 Edo Tensei type in your team, this unit will have Life increase 8% and Resistance increased 4%.

Passive 3: Corpse Bone Chain - Dead Caretaker - If Jugo is opposite this unit in field, both units leave battle and both are unable to be resurrected.

kimi and jugo

Jugodaime - S4 Kakashi - UID200000083016072

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Kaguya Ōtsutsuki [Rabbit Goddess]

Mystery: (Chakra: 40, BCD: 1, CD: 2)

Amenominaka/Final Truth Seeking Orb: [Prompt] Causes damage to 12 enemy units, Repulse to a selected unit and launches one of six barriers.

Details - The effects apply until healed or the barrier is removed.

Mountain Dimension Barrier: Causes Chaos to the selected unit and one additional unit.

Lava Dimension Barrier: Causes Ignition to the selected unit and two additional units.

Ice Dimension Barrier: Causes Acupuncture to the selected unit and one additional unit.

Sand Dimension Barrier: Causes Blindness to the selected unit and two additional units.

Acid Dimension Barrier: Causes Slow to the selected unit and one additional unit.

Pyramid Dimension Barrier: Causes Immobile to the selected unit and one additional unit.


Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack: Causes damage to an enemy row and absorbs 20 chakra. Kaguya also has a fixed chance of causing Repulse and sealing the enemy's chakra recovery until the end of the round.


Rabbit Hair Needle: Chases and attacks a Repulse unit, causes 15 combo, Paralysis and Knockdown.

All-Killing Ash Bones: Chases and attacks a Low Float unit, causes Knockdown and absorbs 20 chakra. This chase skill can be triggered twice per round.

Yomotsu Hirasaka/Byakugan: Kaguya has a 60% chance to evade any attack.


Player Info:

NY - S1174



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Sakura [Byakogou Seal]sakura 100 healings

Attributes: Female, Konoha, Allied Shinobi Forces, Hidden Jutsu User,

Mystery: Monster Strength - Sakura enters Explosive Mode. Causes Low float and suppresses super armor.

Battlefield CD: 1

Mystery CD: 2

Standard Attack: Attacks the first line of opponents with a high chance of causing repulse.

Passive 1: Cherry Blossom Kick - Chases and attacks low float, causes Knockdown, removes shields and buffs and causes Immobile. Decreases Sakura's Mystery by 1.

Passive 2: Summoning Jutsu Great Katsuyu Healing - Before each action, this unit summons Katsuyu and will Heal 12 Units and removes 1 layer of debuffs. Can be triggered twice each round.

Passive 3: Explosive Mode - Sakura becomes immune to debuffs. Sakura's Critical and Injury chance increases by 50% and all her attacks deal full damage to the surrounding units.

Name/Server/UID: ThomasTheDankEngine, S-61 Moegi, 200000086208898

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