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[ Character ] New Ninja Collection! [6.0 Preliminary Event]


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Event Time: April 11th, 2019 – April 17th, 2019

Surprise! Naruto Online’s new version is nearly here!

With the arrival of this version, we’ve been through a lot together! Lots of functions have been released and even more ninjas! Many of them have become very popular as well.

In the future, even more ninja will be joining our ranks, bringing new teams and playstyles on board! Perhaps you can help us.

And maybe your idea, in the near future, can become a real ninja, accompanying you on the battlefield!


Let us know what ninja you would like to see in Naruto Online, through an image (digitally drawn or edited) or a hand-drawn picture!

Include below the image:

- The Ninja’s Name

- Their skills (Be as specific as you’d like. You may include their entire moveset, or simply the names of the skills)

- Your Player information: Character Name, Server Number, UID.


sakura swimsuit

Ninja Name: Sakura [Swimsuit]


Mystery: Poison Extraction Jutsu: Heal yourself and 1 selected unit for 65% of your base Ninjutsu and clear all debuffs. In addition, apply 1 time Mystery dodge to both units until the end of the following round.

- Chakra: 20

- Cooldown: 3 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 1 round

Standard: Watermelon Smashing: Attack 1 enemy unit with the least amount of life, causing undodgable damage, suppressing Debuff Immunity, and a high chance of Knockdown.

Passive 1: Cherry Blossom Crash: Attack a Knocked Down unit, causing High Float and Weaken, reducing mystery cooldown by 1 round.

Passive 2: Breath of Fresh Air: Before each action, cancel one layer of debuffs off your entire field. Can be triggered twice per round.

Passive 3: Swimsuit Charm: At the beginning of battle, all Male units on the field will receive a Shield based on 40% resistance. As long as Sakura remains on the field, their Attack and Ninjutsu will also increase by 30%.

The above example is purely speculation and created by yours truly, Oppai!


- Any and all Plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification. (This includes the art. You are welcome to use existing assets, but please take the time to photoshop or edit them in some way. Your exact image should not be able to be found with a google search).

- Any and all inappropriate content will result in deletion of post, disqualification from the event, and a ban for 2 weeks.


The participation deadline is April 17th. After this time, we will post a Google Survey form, so you all can vote on your favorite! We'll give 3 days for voting!


Top 3 highest voted entries will receive: 300 Coupons

Participation Reward: 5 Cultivate Scrolls

Best Regards,

Naruto Online Team

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This is something ive had created a few months ago as a "fake new ninja leak from China". Seems like my work could become useful now :D

Hidan [Edo Tensei]

Mystery: Sickle Whirlwind: Damage, Tag, 3 Combo to 1 Lineup. Knockdown to selected unit. Suppresses Debuff Immunity until the end of the round. If you have another Akatsuki alive, this skill is undodgeable.

Attack: Death Possession Blood - Mass Sacrifice: Heavy, certain damage to every enemy ninja, suffering from Tag, damages himself. Recovers 130% of damage he took right after.

Chase: Heavy Sickle Throw: Triggered with at least 30 Combo, attacks 3 units, causes Tag & Slowdown. Reduce mystery cooldown by 1 round.

Passive 1: For Jashin-Sama!: Gains 1% Attack & Injury for every 1% of life lost by damaging himself. Cannot die from Self Harm, instead revives with 30% of life.

Passive 2: Vengefulness: While Hidan remains on the field, all Akatsuki units deal 30% more damage to Konoha units. Hidan аlways deals critical damage to Konoha units. (Unremovable buff, like Konan & Madara)

Bond Skill: Death Curse: If an opponents unit dodges an аllied Akatsuki`s Mystery Skill, Hidan takes the damage instead and spreads it evenly between that (the unit that dodged) and every tagged opponents unit, causing Immobile to the dodger(s). This damage is considered as Self Harm. (Level 25, Kakuzu [Edo Tensei] (which is most likely going to be released sooner or later, or, if not, then Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear] will do) & 3 other Akatsuki cards required in Assist Links. Adds up to Passive 2).

Your Player information: Chloe, S530: Asura Otsutsuki, UID: 200000106280979

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Konohamaru [Harem no Jutsu]

Charka nature: Fire

Attributes: Male, Konoha

Unlockable: 2 stars

Obtainable: 12600 coupons/ingots from events (12.6k: 2 stars, 33.6k: 3 stars) - 420 coupons/ingots per frag.

Mystery (Nin) (non-prompt) - Super Harem no jutsu: Pole dance jutsu:

One selected opponent and one other male ninja from the opponent's lineup will suffer from Immunity suppress, Chaos and Nose bleed for 2 rounds. If Naruto is present in the ally lineup, this unit will receive an extra standard attack for 2 rounds (cannot stack up with other extra standard attacks given by other ninjas).

Charka: 60

Battlefield cooldown: 0

Cooldown: 6 rounds

New debuff - Nose bleed: During the time the ninja suffers from this effect, all the debuffs (including Immunity suppress and Super armor suppress) he/she is having and/or recieving when this status is present cannot be cleared. Instead they will be kept until this effect ends. This effect can't be cleared when the opponent's charka is below 80.

Standard (Nin) - Exciting morale:

Increases 1 ally random male ninja's Taijutsu and Ninjutsu or 1 random female ninja's Combo rate and Injury in the lineup by 4%. One ninja can have their stats increased atmost 20%, this can't be cleared. This standard can target clones or summons if any.

Passive 1 (Nin) - Harem no jutsu: Purin Purin no jutsu:

At the beginning of the battle, all male ninjas, and at the beginning of every round starting from round two, one male ninja in the opponent's lineup will suffer from Accupunture which ignore Immunity status for 1 round.

Passive 2 (Nin) - Figure of a beautiful girl:

If Konohamaru is standing in the back row, he has a 100% chance of evading male ninjas' standards. Can be triggered 2 times per round. However when female ninjas attack him, the damage he received is increased by 12%.

Figure of a beautiful girl (3star):

If Konohamaru is standing in the back row, he has a 100% chance of evading male ninjas' standards. Can be triggered 3 times per round. However when female ninjas attack him, the damage he received is increased by 10%. Whenever a male ninja causes damage to Konohamaru, reduce his mystery cooldown by 1.

Passive 3 (Nin) (unlock at 3 star) - Power of the attractives:

After any action (standard, chase, mystery) of any of the opponent's ninja, reduces that ninja's Resistance by 5% and heals all ally male ninjas in the lineup by 3% of Konohamaru's max hitpoints. Up to 80% of the opponent's resistance can be reduced.

Asisst link skill (with Naruto and Iruka card and 2 other cards): Chase (Tai) - Harem no jutsu: Human rocket of love:

Chases and Attacks a High Float unit, causes damage equal to 20% of the opponent's current hitpoints, Knockdown and Immobile. Konohamaru also loses 5% of his max hitpoints after this chase.


Player information:

Character name: YujinUzumaki

Server Number: S328

UID: 200000097379279

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Ninja Name: Konan [Swimsuit]


Mystery: "...............": Deal undodgable heavy damage to selected unit, High float and Tag; When a friendly unite selected remove debuffs, create shild and add extra attack

- Chakra: 40

- Cooldown: 3 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 0 round

Standard: Paper Whirlwind: Attack 1 enemy unit, causing 10 combo and Tag.

Chase 1: Paper bomb dance: Triggered with at least 30 Combo, Deal undodgable damage to 2 units Ignition and Blindness, reducing mystery cooldown by 1 round.

Passive 1: Paper Clon: Konan have high high chance of evading every mystery.

Passive 2: Swimsuit Angel: For every Akatsuki Member on the field (both sides) increas this unit Ninjutsu and Resistance for 15%

There is no pic because i cant draw or use Photoshop, so if someone can add some to these i will be grateful :)

S 850: Ambu Scroll; KonekoHime; uid=200000091091951

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Ninja Name:Madara Uchiha [Edo Tensei]

Type of ninja:Uchiha,Sword User,Senjutsu User,Secret Technique User


Mystery: Summoning Jutsu:Kurama - Launches a Tailed Beast Bomb causing heavy Ninjutsu Damage and Ignition (last 1 round) up to 9 units,also cause Repulse and Immobile (last 1 round) to 1 selected unit.


-Battlefield Cooldown:2 rounds

Standard: Kurama Sweep - Attacks the firont row from the opponents lineup,cause Repulse and Ignition (last 2 rounds)

Chase: Chases and Attacks a High Floated unit,causes Repulse and Ignition and Accupuncture (last for 2 round)

Passive 1: Susanoo Madara is Immune to Debuffs,Low Float,High Float and Knockdown. Moreover, other Members in your field will have their Ninjutsu and Critical Rate increased by 40% (last for 5 rounds),

Passive 2: Senjutsu Power: Before this units action,recovers 20% of Life when recovering +10 Chakra each round,also causes Terror: reduces Defense and Resistance by 10%.


Server:302 Universal Pull


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Ninja Name : Kosuke Maruboshi [Konoha's Eternal Genin]

------Water Element Ninja; Sword User; Secret Technique User

Mystery Skill : Second's Legacy - Eternal Water Dragon Jutsu ( Chakra : 60 | BC : 1 | CD : 2 | Prompt )

- Causes heavy Water Property damage to up to 6 units to opponent's team and causes Knockdown to the selected opponent's unit.

Standard Attack : Konoha Style - Dance of the Willow (Nin/Tai)

- Attacks the opponent's front row and has a chance of causing High Float and a chance Chaos if Critical Damage.

Chase : Third's Legacy - Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu (Tai)

- Chases and Attacks High Floated unit, causes Repulse and Tag.

Passive 1 : The Will of Fire - Konoha's Elite Servant (Nin)

- At the beginning of a battle, all Konoha units in your field will have their Defense increased by 30% and Recover certain amount of Life every after using Mystery Skill.

Passive 2 : Eternal Genin's Secret Technique - Exploding Prosthetic Leg (Nin)

- When this unit dies from the battle, this unit will automatically activates this technique and causes explosion in your opponent's field. Causes Ignition to up to 6 units in opponent's field.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- ★kei✘of S584 - Spirit Word [200000108207088]

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Sasuke [Adult]

Mystery skill: Indra´s arrow

Causes damage, 10 combo, paralysis and interruption up to 9 units of the opponent´s team. A selected unit will suffer from knockdown and suppression of super armor.

Chakra: 40

Cooldown: 2 rounds

Bc. cooldown: 1 round

Standart attack: Enton Chidori

Attacks a random line of opponents, causing paralysis and ignotion for 2 rounds, and has a high chance of causing knockdown.

Chase: Chidori blade

Chases and attacks a knockdown unit, causes repulse, paralysis and immobile (lasting 1 round)

Passive 1: Susano´o armor

Immune to Low float, high float, repulse and knockdown as well as pure ninjutsu damage.

Passive 2: Amenotejikara

Launch Amenotejikara barrier at the beggining of the battle. Increases Ninjutsu and attack for all ninjas with Fire and Lightning attributes from your team by 40% if a barrier is activated. Sasuke have high evanding of chases when barrier is active

Player information:

Character name: Raijin雷神

Server: S68- Killer Bee

UID- 200000090101523

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Ninja Name : Uchiha Sasuke [Five Kage Summit]

Mystery [Susanoo Slash] [Tai/Nin]: Sasuke draw his Susanoo's Odachi and slash the enemy. Deal heavy damage to 9 enemies and remove [Immunity to debuff], cause [Repluse] to selected target. Sasuke will enter [Explosive Mode] after use this skill. [Explosive Mode] increase attack, ninjutsu and critical rate of Sasuke by 30%.

Chakra Cost : 40

Battlefield Cooldown : 1 round.

Cooldown : 2 rounds.

Mystery +2 : [Explosive Mode] increase attack, ninjutsu and critical rate of Sasuke by 60%.

Mystery Y2 : Deal damage to entire enemy field. [Explosive Mode] Sasuke gain [Immunity to debuff] and 25% combo rate.

Standard Attack [Sword of Kusanagi: Chidori Katana] [Tai/Nin]: Sasuke channel his Chidori into his katana to attack the enemy with least HP and inflict [Paralyze]. This attack has high chance to cause [High Float].

Standard Attack +2 : Sasuke gain additional Standard Attack with 30% increase damage.

Standard Attack Y2 : Cause [Paralyze] and [Weaken] to the enemy with least HP.

Chase [Susanoo Crush] [Tai/Nin]: Sasuke chase a [Repluse] target and crush them with his Susano hand, cause [Knock down] and [Immobile]. This chase never miss.

Passive Y : When chakra is above 60, Sasuke's Mystery and Standard Attack never miss.

Passive 1 [Uchiha's Hatred] [Nin]: Every time Sasuke kill an enemy, his mystery cooldown get reset and recover 40 chakra.

Passive +2 : Sasuke's Mystery get reset, he also recover 20% of his HP and 40 chakra.

Passive 2 [Shield of Black Flame] [Nin]: Sasuke is immune to pure Ninjutsu, inflict [Ignite] that last 3 rounds and [Weaken] to enemy that cause Taijutsu damage to him.

Passive +1 : Sasuke is immune to pure Ninjutsu, inflict [Ignite] that last 3 rounds and [Weaken] to enemy that cause damage to him.

Passive Y : Sasuke has high chance to dodge the first Mystery, Standard Attack and Chase. Trigger once per round. Increase his Defense and Resistance by 8% each time he get attacked.

IGN : Golden Demon

Server : 837

UID : 300060816183939

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Note: Before you say, "That's the first picture that pulls up when u search 'iruka' on google", look at the headband

Ninja Name: Iruka[Great Ninja War]


Mystery: String Light Formation [Nin]: [Prompt] Causes undodgable Ninjutsu damage to a selected unit, the unit will also suffer from immobilization.

- Chakra: 0

- Cooldown: 3 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: None

Standard: Double Shuriken [Tai]: Attacks two random opponents and has a given chance of causing knockdown.

Passive 1: Substitution Jutsu[Nin]: This ninja has a high chance of evading chases

Passive 2: Demonic Illusion-Hell Viewing Technique [Nin]: Before each action, reduce the Resistance and cancels shields and buffs of random 3 units. Can be triggered once per round.

Passive 3: Encouraging letter [Nin]: At the beginning of battle, all Allied Shinobi and "Naruto" units on your field will be given a shield based on 50% of the units Resistance, their Ninjutsu and Attack will also increase by 30%, lasts for 4 rounds. If "Naruto" is present in your lineup, units on your field will be given a shield based on 70% of the units Resistance, their Ninjutsu and Attack will also increase by 50%, lasts for 5 rounds.

S949: Ring of Hokage



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newnin1Hidden jutsu user newnin

newnin3Mystery : Attack enemy line up and cause more damage to non konoha ninjas, will also cause immobile to selected unit

- Chakra: 40

- Cooldown: 3 rounds

- Battlefield Cooldown: 1

newnin4Attack : If barriere is active cause ignition to up to 3 of opponent units

newninchase Chase : Triggered with atleast 30 combo cause damage and ignition to up to 4 of opponent units

newnin2Passive:At dhe beginning of every round create barrier , All fire lightninwillhave their ninjutsu and attack increased by 20%

Passive : This ninja has hight chance of evading summon chases

  • UID
    • 200000096485615
    • S306 Dissolving Jutsu | UK

IGN : derAlbaner

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Oh man, where's Dosu when you need him?




Aoba Yamashiro – Wielder of the Plot Door

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 1

Mystery: Convergence of a Murder (20 Chakra, 2-Round Cooldown, 2 Battlefield Cooldown)

[Tai] [Nin] Attacks 4 opponents, causing 7 Combo and High Float to the selected opponent. Damage is doubled for every dead ally. If Aoba is the last ally alive, he receives a guaranteed dodge for the next Standard attack.

Standard: Taijutsu Attack

[Tai] Attacks the front enemy and has a chance of Triple Combo and Repulse.

Chase: Sc@ttering Thousand Crows

[Nin] Chase the High Floated enemy and cause repulse and 7 combo. Has a high chance of critical hit.

Chase: Fire Style: Flame Jutsu

[Nin] Chase the Low Floated enemy and cause repulse and ignite.

Passive: Crow Mastery

[Nin] Increases evasion and has a chance to dodge the enemy Standard Attack. “*tering Thousand Crows” and “Convergence of a Murder” will cause sleep on Critical Hit.

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Shisui Uchia SUSANOOS

(skill perfect susnoos) damages up to 9 units causes ignition and parlsye 1 unit in you team

will become immune for 2 rounds

Attack:spiral susnoos attack: damges 3 units causes knockdown and immblie to 1 unit

chase: chases and attacks an knockdown unit causes hightfloat and igtion for 3 round if any konoha is in your team maybe be trigger 2 times.

passive:Kotoamtasuki God: this unit has a high chance to chaos a unit aftermore this unit attack and crit rate goes up everytime it uses mystery by 20 percent.

ninja type:uchia, konoha ,secret jutsu user, sword user blood, limit anbu.

Image result for shisui uchiha susanoo

Name s250 Levi



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someone create a swimsuit chiyo 100% you will win trust me

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you might delete my comment but you should add that sakura in this game be useful

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bringing new teams and playstyles on board


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Ninja Name : Uncle Ichiraku

Unit Skills :

Mystery Skill

: [NIN] Miso Char Siu (40 Chakra, 3 Round Cooldown) Heals the entire lineup,while deleting all the debuffs on 1 random unit (not on a Clone) from your lineup.

Standard Attack : [NIN] Heals 2 random units from your lineup

Chase : [TAI] Activated on 20 hit combo, throws Ramen at 1 enemy Ninja and causes Ignition

Passive 1 : When Uncle Ichiraku is in the field, all Konoha ninja get their Resistance buffed by 20%

Passive 2 : At the beginning of the battle, Uncle Ichiraku creates a Shield for your whole lineup based on 40% of the units Resistance

UID : 300048783884045

Name : S905 - Toguko

Server : S905 - Toad Oil

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted
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Ninja name: Naruto [Great Ninja War]*

Mystery - Sage Art: M@ssive Rasengan Barrage[Prompt]: Summon 2 clones**. Deals wind damage to the opponent's enitre team and causes Repulse to the selected unit. For every clone** alive Naruto will deal 25% more damage with this skill.

-Chakra cost: 40

-Battlefield cooldown: 3

-Cooldown: 5

Note: Mystery damage is considered as ~medium with only 2 clones.

Standard - Frog Kata: Punch: Attacks the opponent's front row and has a chance to cause Knockdown.

Chase - Frog Kata: Roaring Kick: Chases and attacks a Repulsed unit, causes High Float.

Passive 1 - Sage Clone Tactics: Every time Naruto receives damage, he will summon a clone** with 5% of his original health. When clone is defeated Naruto will lower his mystery cooldown by 1 and heal 3% of his original health.

Passive 2 - Tailed Beast Chakra - Sharing: Before first action in a round, up to 9 Allied Shinobi Forces units in your field become immune to debuffs for one round (this will not cancel debuffs but will prevent from taking more).

*I created this version to be more f2p friendly unit. Imo it's not OP, but have a good potential. It was suppose to be more oriented in sennin mode and clones, than Kurama's power, which were used a lot during a war.

**Clones do not perform any type of attack.

Kanon, S852 [200000109372244]

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