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[ Lineup ] what ninja to go for


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Hello all,

I'm a f2p player, and I have around 17k coupons. I have no idea what ninja/lineup I should go for. I know 6p naruto is a great option, but I think he's really boring. If anybody has ninja/lineup suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

(P.S. Is there any "counter" for 6p naruto that isn't full sb ay lol)

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Counter 6PN? You mean, aside from the ones I listed here:

While they're not all "for sure" counter, they could beat him if played right and rng is on your side. Sadly, most of them are p2w af.

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That's okay. I'm just trying to find a ninja that doesn't always need more init to win. Something like 6p naruto could probably solve that but I can't think of anything else. Do you have lineup suggestions without 6p naruto that can do ok with less initiative?

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This game is designed around ninjas and initiative. No matter what kind of lineup you use, if you have more initiative you will more likely to win.

The only reason why 6p is considered good even without ini advantage because he has immune, dodge and aoe leech. In some way, Edo Yagura can be consider as *ternative version of Naruto 6p except he only do single target damage but he also scale.

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6p is broken mainly for 3v3 fights and sometimes in arena fights...

for solo.. pvp and fast fights people don't use six path.

if they have the bp more so they won't rely on narutard six path..

for f2p: i think having six path is like having jonin minato a while back.

am not sure, but i think he can help break ninja exams esp those 12 units exams

nowadays there are a lot of possible diff and counter meta in arena thou even I'm not sure what to use.

esp in the early days of the month.. many strong meta in all mix showing up.

we could use an updated tobei's encyclopedia XD

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Angel of God konan is always a safe choice as a first premium ninja for a f2p. Her kit allows her to do ridiculous damage. When paired with earth main or any ninja that can give you chakra, she can possibly wipeout the enemy team or at least do serious damage at round 1. A substantial power gap will be needed for her to mop out 6p naruto but for other teams she holds out quite well.

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Go for naruto 6p when its your first event ninja. You c*e him for a very long time.

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