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[ Suggestions ] Rogue Ninja Outburst and PK Mode = Bad Idea


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Hello there,

Can you TURN OFF this PK Mode during The Rogue Ninja Outburst Event? Many ppl havepractically no chance of cathing one rogue Ninja, because players are constantly attacked by others. After losing the battle the player return to Konoha and has to go to the rogue ninja place and he is attacked again.

Please TURN OFF this PK Mode during this event

Thank You

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Agree with you. I personnaly doesnt care bout the PK mode, only 1 or 2 player can beat me, but it's not fair for lower player. Most of them going to leave game cause of one more event that they can't enjoy.

The PK system is maybe good on chinese servers with tone of players, but it's a bad idea here

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I'm also joining this discussion. The PK part is fun if you are one of the top players on a server. As is, on european servers we are no more than 50-70 active players, and of that only about 10-15 get to participate in it properly. I've yet to catch a single ninja.

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PK Mode very bad idea need remove

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  • Sergey Hisamut On 2019-04-07 03:56:30
  • PK Mode very bad idea need remove

Well maybe it shouldn't be removed, there is some fun to be had with this mode, but it should not be necessary for the Rogue Ninja Outburst event

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