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[ Bugs ] To all monthly card users


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Hello everyone . I am one us many that are buying both monthly cards each month

Some days ago i noticed that after server day changed , 2 days were deducted from my card duration instead of 1. I thought it was a 1-time thing and maybe a bug because of the time change and all that . But nope . Today my cards duration was reduced from 15days-15days to 12days-13days , instead of 14-14 . Oasis got busted because i ALWAYS , ALWAYS enable both cards at the same day . So it IS a bug and it happened again . I was a fool to not take a screenshot when i first noticed that but i did today . So to everyone that is reading this , i am begging you , take a screenshot of your monthly card tab everyday to monitor the situation and when/if what happened to me happens to you , post the screenshots here (ofc now that i am monitoring the situation aswell i will do the same)

What's happening , Oasis? Your coders /programmers are students or players ineligible for the job so that the maintenance costs are as low as possible?I bet they are

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Have you submitted a ticket to support? They should be able to assist you with your issue, please remember to attach any screenshots you have of the problem(s)!

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If you're from UK

That means you experienced the Time-Zone issue. Your Premium card didn't miss days. It technically desynched and moved a single day forward.

This unfortunately only happens during Daylight Savings. But it should be fine moving forward.

Thank you.

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