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[ Lineup ] Help!!!


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Hey forum, it's been a while since my last post, anyways, i got sick from my Minato lineup (this one i've been using it since i got him) so i want to change and need your help because i'm in lack of creativity haha, hope you guys can help me.

these are my ninjas and summons

download (1)

download (2)

download (3)

download (4)

download (5)

download (6)

download (7)

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You could give Shark Bombing a go, here are two possible lineups. The Monkey King chase one works fine with just the purple Ninja Monkey. I would reccomend Gakido's Y chase.


This one assumes Sannin Tsunade has chase breakthrough at atleast +1


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Sharkbomb teams are really fun to use and you can give them a try, also you c*e any support you wish there from the above teams and if you don't like Han, or you fight teams that are not heavy buffers you can add Hokage Minato instead. Some more ideas are the following:

This team is risky, because water main or Yagura can be easy controlled, that's why we are using the dodge passive here, to have that additional dodge chance, just in case. It's a fun team to play with, works great as fire main with mirror and shield. You can as well use earth main here and also, you can change yagura with any other ninja as well, that can support the team, but it won't be that easy to trigger Roshi's chase them since you don't have any other combo trigger summon such as King of Hell. With Yagura make sure to copy some reflection ninja from the opponent or a healer always, just to be more safe.

Another option is to play some shield build with Minato position one, having Gaara and Gakido/any other support in team, try out the different combinations, they're really fun and, Minato buffs resistance, which makes the team even more durable.

There are fire main options as well, you c*e Han with Roshi and Kurenai for example, but here you need king of hell to scale poison.

Hope that helps!

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