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[ Lineup ] Lineup to go for


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Does anybody have a lineup that doesn't always need more init and power to win? Preferably with fire main. Thank you!

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A character like that shouldn’t it exist. Power and init are the 2 things that matter in the game and a ninja shouldn’t be able to overcome that against a fairly well built team. But for some dumb reason it does. I dont know if u have been living under a rock or sth but it is obvious that naruto 6p broke the game and that’s why he exists everywhere: bonds sage matsuri space time arena gnw. Since oasis won’t be nerfing him, he is a good investment to go for. Have fun with another 6p user, rest of naruto community

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With 6p naruto being a thing ..

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I know about 6p naruto, but I was asking for lineup suggestions. Does anyone have any?

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I use this atm is pretty good

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The only thing i can think of is water cancer teams. Search in forum for those lineups, it's plenty here, both f2p and not. May find fire cancers too. You don't necessary need to have higher init or power to win then. But you must have one of them similar to your opponent. Can't win without both, it's dumb. Unless yes, run ashura, 10t madara trams, who cares about stats then.

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