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[ Scarlet Blaze ] Trolling Matsuri with Chiriku XD


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  • 1. what do you mean chiriku is not for pos1, his mystery is saying he need to get HIT by other to counter and reset , his counter is pure dmg from HP, and his passive increase DEF & RES. where does that doesnt scream TANK for you ??, and the only position to get hit easily is pos 1. he work much better if you have a higher ini in battle.
    2. you can literally put sasuke in anywhere, someone can hit him with mystery or chase , chaos them to cancel their chase and get some chakra to do his mystery, i dont understand where people get the idea , "OhH sASuKe iS pOS 1 aND 2 onLY".
    3. kisame already done his job after you switch the barrier, its not optimal to be in pos 3 , but sometime it work when there is no one to interrupt him. and his HP is restored everytime his shark die, and you say your team not TANKie ???
    4. yeah sure , his mystery doesnt do anything, its not like removing buff and giving immunity is a support.

    all the ninja is functioning as they should , there is no "troll" here.

Chiriku is more of a front line PoS 2 unit (if that), he makes things tankier, but it doesn't mean he is a tank or the units he buffs.

The only reason you run Chiriku is for his passive (the boost to def/resist) and his chase to CC and remove buffs. His mystery's damage is meh, but can be used to bait dodges (if you really wanted to I guess), his other damage is heavily dependent on him evading at 4* when using his mystery, which btw, won't reduce his CD on his mystery. So in some situations, 3* > 4*

Next, Rinnegan Sasuke isn't a tank so even with the boost to def/resist, it isn't going to make him last longer, he is still squishy and can die easily.

There is a reason why people run him in p1 or p2, that is so he can chaos anyone who attacks him in round 1 to be carried over to next round, that and absorb chakra (if any).

Kisame's Sharks don't do anything if they die in round 1 where Kisame is at full HP. The only thing keeping him alive is his super armor since 90% of the time you're using him in round 1. You may have a shark left over, but its going to die in round 2 from a mystery which will still not let him be as tanky as you make him out to be. Next, Chiriku can't buff Kisame with his passive, so he'd have to rely on sharks.

Troll teams are designed to "trigger" people. It has nothing to do with their functionality.

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