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Matching Pattern Noticed in Decisive Bonds ...


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Don't know exactly where to put this post, but here is the best place I thought it should go.

In decisive bonds, a pattern emerges to keep players from going from the "Ninja Academy" stage. That is, players can get decent matches for the first 3-12 points. Afterwards, they will be paired with over powered and over leveled players. This pattern is pretty consistent. I have had better matches when I'm at 0-12 points and afterwards, it never ever fails that I'm paired with players I have no business being matched with. That is players from the earliest servers and the most over powered and highest leveled players. No matter which partner I play with, this pattern remains.

For example, when we fight a few battles, win or lose, by the time we get to the last battle to get to the next rank, we will be paired with the likes of "*ercup," "MomTheGreatHokage," etc. These players are server 1 players, for example, as there are other earlier servers with players we are matched with!!!!!!!! Players that had fukking years to gain battle power, while we are a relatively new server. Excuse the language, but I'm not sure how to emphasize the massive difference in BP such matches are. Even if we spent and recharged max on every single event, we could never hope to gain anywhere near the BP these guys have because they were able to spend far earlier; and for that we have absolutely no fukking business being matched with them.

I'm saying all this to say that someone should absolutely look at the matching algorithm or whatever the mechanism it is that determines how matches are made. It is better to wait longer for better matches than to have to reset because the game is bent on keeping you in a certain rank. It makes it seem as if only a handful of people out of a thousand plus servers are supposed to rank while the rest of us have to deal with this unplayable mess. Look into it will you? Let me know what happens as a result of this post. Thanks in advance.


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people already complaint about this first time DB is introduced, sorry to say, but they wont bother about the matching algorithm,,, soo ,,,,, just bear with it.

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it's not a bug is a feature... they have to make you pay more tho right?

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