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[ Events ] Themed arena is boring


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  • Broken Screen On 2019-03-29 13:16:10
  • I only agree in terms of boring, where players play same teams everywhere.

    I thought Konoha had wide range of usable ninjas other than Naruto 6P and Shisui.

I actually didn't use nether of them since i don't own them.

They are not required at all to reach six paths.

Teams that let you do it without them?

Water main, madara founder, kurenai, chiriku (shark bomb team)

Water main, madara founder, itachi full sb, kiba new year (second shark bomb team).

Hokage minato, iruka, wb asuma, earth main.

Lee full sb, guy, iruka/wb asuma, earth main.

Kurama, kushina habanero, danzo/hokage minato/itachi susano'o, wind main.

Danzo iruka madara founder lightning main.

Orochimaru bond barrier, chiriku, hokage minato, earth main.

Fire main, danzo, madara founder, itachi susano'o.

Danzo, sasuke rs, itachi anbu, mb.

Water main, edo tobirama (move 1), yamato, naruto ramen.

Edo minato edo hashirama kushina normal water/wind main.

But there are more. Those ones are the first that came up to my mind without shisui and naruto six paths.

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  • Pupsiiiii On 2019-03-29 14:12:43
  • Shisui hits way to hard in Arena (everyone knows it). And with no barriere breaker ninjas in the Arena ofc everyone is gonna run Shisui. Why people pretend that in No-Main Arena nobody would run N6P is beyond my understanding.

There are konoha that break the barrier (itachi, yamato, sasuke, hashirama both, orochimaru kt)

And there are other konohas with barrier (danzo, orochimaru with bonds, sage hashi with bonds).

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