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[ Events ] 6p Naruto or Madara GNW


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Should I just go ahead and use my coupons for 6p Naruto? Or should i save it til Madara GNW comes in?

I heard many ppl saying 6p Naruto is worth it... but without fuku events... i felt a little tad bit uncetain bout that.

When Madara gnw comes in, will it even be any better than Naruto 6p though?

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See here's the thing.

1. Some people just wont reply to a topic on these forums and you not even waiting a day...

2. Madara GNW? You mean Obito GNW?

3. Although EN Naruto online will be similar to CN Naruto online, they are two completely different games.

4. Do whichever you want to. I'd go for 6paths naruto just cause of how versatile he is

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Nice another 6p user, great, yeah spend everything on 6p. Fml

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Always spend your coupons during Fuku deals event, thats the only way to make the most of your savings.

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