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[ Ranked Battles ] Water main ranked teams


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Please help me create a good Water Main ranked teams. Here are my ninjas:


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3 ranked battle teams

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  • Angel乄. On 2019-03-25 03:24:59
  • Heyo,

    You can try the following :

    Main Team:

    Water Main - Sasuke Suit - Kurenai - Sakura Cloak
    Our Water Main position one as always. She's really strong when you lack ninjas and she can do a great job. Buffs, healing, chaos, the team is really solid. Another option here is to basically run whichever support you want instead of sasuke as well, like, you can add him in another team and have Gakido/Iruka instead of him in ranked, as he'll buff your main and the other female ninjas anyway.

    Team 2
    Mabui - TenTen - Mei and Asuma Wind Blade

    This team will have some buffs from Sasuke, from Asuma as well, some solid damage overall.

    Team 3

    Kimimaro - Kabuto - Gakido - Tsunade

    Not the best damaging team, but it should be able to block some attacks from your opponent and survive some rounds.
    Another option is to run Tendo as team 2 with mabui and asuma wb, but there you'd need to add on team 3 full Pain's, so they can buff him.
    Additionally, you c*so use Edo Zabusa, Edo Haku, Chojuro and any other supporter as well as a team 3 till you get some more ninjas to cover the last team.

    Hope that helps~

Thank you Angel i'll try it out. I'm glad that person like you is here at forum helping people out :)

Edit. one more question. By Kabuto you mean deflaut one or Snake Cloak?

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