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like in title, which main would be the best as a starter?

I'm planning to go f2p, I'll only get Gaara and im thinking fire/wind.

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Hi! It depends on your playstyle and what ninjas you are thinking of using. If you are using Gaara (which is a fairly strong ninja), wind main (Breeze Dancer) would probably be the best first pick. Don't worry too much though, as you level up, you will unlock the other Main Characters. Later on, you will be able to switch between all the Main characters.

Once you are level 60, you will be able to unlock your second main character. The next main character unlock would be 66, 72, and 78, respectively.

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Fire Main is best for new server. Earth Main the worst. Wind and LM also good. Water Main kinda good, but much mroe complicated to use it well early on. Gaara rarely finds play in the new servers nowadays (except for TI and GNW). Half the server is walking around with Guy at Day 1 already. That mystery barely ever comes into play. And from Day 3 people will just overwrite your barrier with Sasuke.

The game in weeks 1 is pretty much focused around turn 2.

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Lightning main team is going to be best for a multitude of things. Nine tails dmg and good arena battles. Also, it is very easy to get hands on ninjas like Kakashi, Hinata, Guy, and 3* Sasuke which all work amazing with Lightning Main. Combos can be very helpful too. Early game, the combo's LM teams can do are deadly

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Lighting main has the easiest build and climb early game.

You can go blitz early game with Sasuke's barrier.

Kimimaro to tank, Main to do dmg, Sasuke to buff and either Karin or Kabuto to heal.

Karin for extra poison or Kabuto for more protection.

Wind is pretty good for 9 Tails and she's the first one to have immunity from flower guard.

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