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[ Suggestions ] What this game could use.


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Hello there. This topic is about something I think would be really, really nice, and it wouldn't be something impossible to do (It's not asking for nerfs or buffs or new stuff.). This is also probably not the first time someone's suggested it, but I'm both too lazy to find this subject anywhere else, and I'm simply adding onto to this, so that it gets more attention.

This is a topic about a general improvement update. This game is a pretty big game, with numerous servers and constant updates, but I find some parts of the game... lacking. Aside from the choice to make some things almost not possible to get for a good deal of the player base, this game has numerous things which could be done a lot better. As I said earlier, it's not nerfs or buffs, or additions or subtractions, it's probably best to just get right into this.

What I think this game needs is just a general improvement in various things, such as Cat Quiz. I don't really do Cat Quiz often, but I decided to due it last night due to a few conditions, and, there were two problems in particular which stood out to me. The first was a picture of Ao's sleeves, crossed over and everything, the question was asking "who is this", in the end it was Killer Bee, who does not have any sleeves, much less any blue attire (of that particular blue.). The other was asking about how much Chiriku was worth, the answers were all names of various Konoha ninja, the answer being, if I recall correctly, "Inoichi Yamanaka", because clearly Chiriku's worth $Inoichi Yamanaka. A few other things which could be improved is how things are written, I get this is a translated version of a game, you guys won't, or perhaps can't (doesn't mean you can't lower the star counter for breakthroughs) change stuff, however, you can at least polish up various messages from NPC's, such as Sakura in the Sakura gift event. It may just be me, but I feel like her messages are just... weirdly written. They don't seem like something you'd hear coming from any normal person, and some bits, such as the arena one (Since when was young Sakura in charge of Arena, and since when was Arena a tournament?), and a few others. There may have not been much in this particular post, but, I'm sure if you guys over at OA looked into your own game, on a test server or whatnot, you could probably make this game look a lot better.

If you took the time to read this weirdly written suggestion, thank you, if not, then alright, then I'll just summarize it here: This game could be polished up to look better. If anyone else has anything they think could be polished up, or if they have any thoughts in regards to this, please, leave a comment concerning this, and if you think this isn't possible, please tell me why, and don't just say "not gonna happen" or something along those lines.

Do you think this game could use a polishing update?

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This comment won't be contributing to the topic, but you know well they will neither read it nor care about this.

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Very nice writing. However, Oasis doesn't act upon their forums or this game wouldn't have so much as an complaint.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your detailed suggestions.

Things regarding polishing up text errors within events like the Cat and Ninja quiz are being worked on and have been reported to our developers, we really hope for these to be fixed and improved upon as soon as possible.

As for changing the star requirement for skill breakthroughs, this is something that unfortunately will not change.

I hope this helps

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