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[ Ninja Profile ] Isn't normal Itachi Immune to debuff?


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I did also test myself what you stated and it also happened to me as well. There seems to be a limit of how many debuffs a character can basically reflect, like there is a limit for everything else, buffs, etc. Basically the team you stated, I did use as well and there are many debuffs caused there. Tag with Poison, acupuncture with poison, water main's chaos and basically as I saw, his reflect mirror broke right away when Sakura gave him the chase and got him immobiled + more poison and after that, Madara did chase and caused ignition as well. The limit of him reflecting seems to be around 8-11 or so for him.

Also, once you choose the reflection passive, nope, you are not immune to debuffs, you are just reflecting non stop till you reach that limit.

Hope that clarifies some things

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