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[ Events ] Daily Event Hours/Times


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Hey there~

So, besides Team Instance and Convoy/Plunder, there arent any other daily events that run multiple times a day during different hours. (3v3 does, but thats a time-limited event, not a daily one)
For anyone that isnt on later in the evening, you have no chance of participating in any of those events, essentially making it impossible to get any sun scrolls, since there isnt a single event for them that starts before/around noon. (Almost all of them in fact start at or after 6pm PST)
I understand that by running an event once a day at certain times means that anyone/everyone that wants to partake of the event is all on at the same time, making for a larger pool of players to draw from (Since pretty much all of the Sun Scroll events are pvp-related, that makes sense), but even still, cant some of the events run at split times? If nothing else, cant the Cat Quiz run multiple times daily? Its already a hit-or-miss event, since its only got a 20 minute window, but just like almost every other daily event, it doesnt run until the evening.

Basically I would just like to know if theres any chance, any chance at all, if we might be able to get some more events to have split daily times? Not everyone plays in the evening, but for anyone thats on before or around noon, theres nothing to do. (Again, besides TI and Convoys that is)

Just something to consider, perhaps? Thanks.

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Matsuri arena is at 15 every Sunday

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Nope. There are some special events that run a little earlier, but they won't add multiple times for main events. You just have to pick the best server time zone that fits your schedule.

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