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[ News ] Login/Loading Screen Issue


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Dear Ninjas,

With regards to the random login issues that are occurring or might occur in the future; in case any of you faces such issues please follow the below guideline by changing your DNS as a temporary solution to solve it until the issue is investigation.

How to Change DNS: (Example for Win 10)

*Screenshots are below the guidelines

1. Click the Windows 'Start' key and type 'settings' then Open Settings.

2. Go to 'Network & Internet'.

3. Choose the relevant option depending on your connection either wireless (Wi-Fi) or through wired (Ethernet) network. If you are connected to the Internet with a wired connection, click Ethernet on the left side. If you are connected to the Internet with a wireless connection, click Wi-Fi on the left side.

4. In the 'Related settings section', click on the link "Change adapter options".

5. Right click your network connection then click on ‘Properties’. Confirm the UAC (User Access Control) prompt if you are shown one.

7. Now, on the Networking tab, select the row 'Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)', and then click on the *on "Properties".

8. The dialog window "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties" will be opened.

9. To use a custom DNS Server address, select the option "Use the following DNS server addresses:" on the General tab. Enter the follow addresses:

- Primary DNS Server:

- Alternate DNS Server:

10. Click OK and Close in every opened window to apply the change.

11. Now the DNS Cache should be cleared first before attempting to login.

12.Click the Windows 'Start' key and type 'Run' then Open Settings.

13. Type 'cmd' and hit 'Enter' on your keyboard or click 'OK'

14. In the displayed command line window; type ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ then hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard then close this window.

15. Now you can re-open the browser/client to login.











In case you are still having issues after trying the advised method. Then report your issue with a full browser/client screenshot to the customer server and be patient until the issue is investigated.

Best Regards,

Naruto Online Operation Team

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