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[ Updates ] Kakuzu - Breakthrough issue


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Dear Ninjas, regarding the issue with Kakuzu's breakthrough:

1. It was planned to open in March; but due to code debugging problems, Super Armor - Deterrent is not able to breakthrough.

2. At present, we are planning to repair and debug the issue. When functionality is working normally, Kakuzu's breakthrough will be officially launched in March as a 4-star breakthrough. Players who have redeemed the Super Armor - Deterrent Breakthrough book don't need to worry as this skills breakthrough will be available soon along with his other skills at 4 stars. We are sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your understanding!

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So in the end, it was planned to be a 4* Breakthrough after all? I wonder if this was my fault, regardless.

In the end they were planned to be released.

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What about those people who are already skillbreaking him right now? they get to keep it despite being planned for 4*?

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If you guys releasing kakuzu earth grudge fear skill breaks ,please do release skill trial for ay and susanoo sasuke....been waiting for so long and crazy slots won't give AY [the 4th raikage] after ac*ulated 3000+ spins over the course of time it has been around T_T

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so some get his sb at 3* and others gonna 4* him first? tbh that's not fair, you made a mistake and we are going to pay for it? make him 3* for sb. it's was your fault, not our.

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