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kakuzu[earth grudge fear] breakthrough bug


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  • gastorpedo On 2019-03-01 08:59:46
  • are u jealous dude? shame on you

    i hope oasis will make atleast this ninja available for skill breakthrough with only 3 stars so f2p can atleast has a chance to fight spenders or medium spenders

Kakuzu is heavily power dependant. It's exactly the same as edo hiruzen.

No power = he is useless regardless the breaktroughs.

So no, f2p have 0 chances the same.

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  • Picklejuicy On 2019-03-01 16:37:28
  • At least getting to it through the bug it is only 3 star for breakthrough. They will need to either release grudge breakthrough or after they fix the bug, they will need to reset the skills for anyone who bought them by using the bug. It wouldn't be fair for some people to be able to have the breakthroughs and no one else can get them.

Exactly, but they won't do it.

More likely he will be simply released next week.

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