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So I personally find it really hard to attend to some of the daily events such as Team instance, Plunder and Convoys, 3v3 (when it's up) etc. I think it would be really nice to have them be open throughout the entire day so no matter what schedule you have you should be able to participate (like 10am - 11pm or something). Events such as TI and 3v3 you can do even if you don't have any more rewarding attempts, that way you can still get assistance by the people that have already done it (thinking about people that would have a hard time finding people for help).

Obviously this doesn't concern events like sage, nine tails attack etc (this being events where you need to "race" against time and other players to get a higher ranking for better rewards).

Well this is just something I personally want, the event times might be perfect for a lot of other people, but for me it's really hard to participate in all the events every day.

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