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[ Help ] Madara 5 Kage Mood


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Anyone know what is the best mood for my lil boy Madara 5 Kage?

Also any reccomendation on making him survive longer? Poison and ignition usually takes out a lot of his hp. But I put my mood on resistance. Still doesnt help

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life is generally the best option for 'support' ninjas.

i would say +life -atk

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just put him in the back of other ninja, his passive is to dodge chase , not standard attack, of course he die if he get put in the front.

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My Madara5k is mooded with +life/-nin .. I don't know if this is the best or correct one but this is what i'm using .. He's at my pos2 wearing semi-upgraded equips/runes, he can survive couple of rounds but it is really expected for him to die specially with poison/ignite in play ..

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hummm i used ninjutsu mood on mine, but it makes sense, using life mood, his standard kinda meh, but his chase is amazing, due to ignoring bit def / resistance from the opponent that's where he shines.

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I tried stacking combo runes on him. Love how he could immobile anyone randomly. Rng sometimes could be so good that he chase the ninjas that i want them dead xD

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i put +hp - atk on mine.

He can get blitz with Light main + Madara team, even removed barrier and temporary buffs.

Or there are some undodgeable chases like Kurama can get him also, since he doens't dodge mystery.

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