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[ Azure Fang ] Water main and arena


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Are there any functional water main teams for arena? She just seems lackluster compared to other main characters and I never seem to have any luck with her in arena weather I'm using pos 1 shark bomb teams, poison tai teams, or healing teams, she just doesnt seem to do the trick. If anyone has a reliable water main team for arena (using any ninjas except 6p naruto) feel free to share.

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Edo hashirama water main x

Normal kushina edo minato x

X x x

Talents: 22443 or 22441, summon: king of hell. Summon mystery: monkey king level 3.

Konan taisho madara 5ks x

Itachi full sb x

X x water main

Talents: 22423, summon: koh or 22323, summon: kirin, summon mystery: pakkun.

Edo fu water main x

Kakashi susano'o naruto six paths x

X x x

Talents: 22223, summon: koh/gamakiri, summon mystery: pakkun.

About not shark bomb teams:

Water main gengetsu x

Mei jinpachi x

X x x

Talents: 32111 or 32114 or 32112, summon: gamaken, summon mystery: monkey king.

X x x

X water main kushina habanero

Tsunade sannin war full sb sakura cloak x

Talents: 32232, summon: giant katsuyu, summon mystery: pakkun or koh.

Water main kurama x

Edo tobirama kisame samehada x

X x x

Talents: 32411 or 32414, summon: koh, summon mystery: pakkun/shiba/monkey king

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jonin minato, 5 kage madara kuranai

or diedara 5 kage madara and jinpachi

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