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[ Player Guide ] Clone/Puppet/etc. placement priority


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So, since ICE* recently made a post with how Breeze Dancer's clones are laid out before her in a Naruto-Roshi-Bee lineup, I thought I can provide you guys with how clones/puppets/etc. are laid out in general The pictures below show the priority of clone spawning and it what order clones will spawn according to where the clone spawning unit stands.

Unit standing in Middle-Middle:

Clones - Main Mid Mid

Unit standing in Top-Middle:

Clones - Main Top Mid

Unit standing in Bottom-Middle:

Clones - Main Bottom Mid

Unit standing in Middle-Back:

Clones - Main Mid Back

Unit standing in Top-Back:

Clones - Main Top Back

Unit standing in Bottom-Back:

Clones - Main Bottom Back

Unit standing in Middle-Front:

Clones - Main Mid Front

Unit standing in Top-Front:

Clones - Main Top Front

Unit standing in Bottom-Front:

Clones - Main Bottom Front

I hope this helped some of you guys out there to create certain lineups with clones/puppets/etc. as protection. @ICE* consider putting this in your Guide collection maybe xD

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