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[ Player Guide ] List of additional standard attack buff ninjas


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As the title suggests !

Keep in mind that the only way to stack bonus standard attacks is to use the 1 round standard attack buff and then 2 round standard attack buff and then again the 1 round standard attack buff etc etc

Examples of both sections below:


Currently there are only 2 ninjas with whom you can stack the standard attacks and those Killer Bee and Naruto [Chinese style]

For example GNW situation use Earth Main > Killer Bee > Earth Main > Killer Bee > Earth Main > Killer Bee > Mangetsu > Naruto [Chinese] > Mangetsu

This course can result of bonus +9 standard attacks on let's say your Susano Itachi (although you will be throwing away your buffs by using these ninjas in order to stack)

Also please tell me if I forgot to list a ninja

2x round:

Killer Bee [Seven Swords Style] (mystery)

Naruto [Chinese Style] (mystery)

1x round:

Earth Main (mystery)

Sasori [Edo Tensei] (mystery)

Mangetsu Hozuki [Edo Tensei] (mystery)

Onoki [Third Tsuchikage] (passive)

Jinpachi Munashi [Edo Tensei] (passive)

Fu [Seven Tails Jinchuriki] (passive)

Pakura [Edo Tensei] (passive)

Itachi Uchiha [Anbu] (passive)

Kurotsuchi (standard attack)

Fu [Edo Tensei] (standard attack)

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