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[ Events ] Playing Cupid– Valentines Event


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In-game Name : Dream

Answer: Jiraiya falls in love with Tsunade. Now Time for tell her how Jiraiya fells.

Jiraiya drink full of glass and now go so near to Tsunade -- i love you so long time. Today dont want to miss this chance !!

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Server ID: S1074 UK

In-game Name: Vape

Answer: Naruto shouts out im gonna 1v9 you Sakura while flexing his 10 kg biceps

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In-game Name : KingBradley

Answer: After a 10 rounds of saki , naruto is no longer shy so he climbs the Hokage office roof! and shoot out his confession as loud as he can : " HINATA I LOVE YOU " .

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UID : 200000100111297

Server ID: S387 :Mysterious Ninja

In-game Name :x X x *Lucky x X x

Answer: Naruto i Wont let you down am with you forever .. No one can beat us now because we become one hand

your Best friend Sasuke

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In-game Name : Goodbye

Answer : Hashi: Madara... your hair's beautiful

Madara: It's the l'oreal.. would you like some samples

Hashi: I would love to try it out

~ Madara gently caresses hashi's hair with the shampoo

~ Hashi grabs madara's hands

Hashi: I love you Madara, become one with my 1000 hands

~ Madara looks at Hashi

Madara: You're the missing piece within my susanoo, take me away hashi

They both kiss and the relationship remains platonic

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In-game Name: YuiHatano

Answer: Enma sneaks up on Hiruzen and fondly proclaims:

"Roses are red,

violets are blue,

there's nothing cringey

about writing fictional love poems on a japanese-cartoon-based browser game's forums."

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Server ID: S811

Character name (in-game Name): ⒹⓇⒺⓈⓆ

Answer: Madara spots Hashirama on the battlefield and confesses his love, "I've been waiting for you ♥Hashirama♥!".

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UID: 300021628384279

Server ID: S694

In-game Name : nagashi

Answer: Naruto stands in front of Hinata and says: " omae wa mou shindeiru??? Rasengaaaaaan!!!!"

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UID: 300045597565959

Server ID: S1025 :Exchange of Life

In-game name: Exit

Answer: naruto: can I confess something ?

Hinata: yes

Naruto: you are soo cute

Hinata: can I confess something as well ?

Naruto: sure

Hinata: i..i..i lov... I LOVE YOU

Naruto: let's have kids

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UID (Click Here): 200000086996986

Server ID: S1183

In-game Name : ExplosiveLights


Minato smiled at his girlfriend as he knelt down before her. "You know how people say true love only comes once?" Kushina nodded, not understanding where Minato was going. "But every time I see you, I fall in love with you again. Because you are everything to me, Kushina. You're the only person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Will you marry me?"

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UID 200000106606249

Server ID: S31

In-game Name: MiwaSatori

Answer: Temari with Shikamaru (alone)

Temari: Shi....shikamaru *blush*

Shikamaru: what? *trying to hide his blush

Temari: You know.......I..I...*red face

Shikamaru: Spill it out already*still blushing

Temari: *Take out her fan and shout out "I love you.." as she sways it to Shikamaru⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

Shikamaru: ●_● (went flying somewhere far away)

The End:)

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UID: 300021333033551

Server ID: S31

In-game Name: MingLan

Answer: Evening came Kiba and Akamaru walking together

Kiba notice one cat cuddling his feet they stopped walking

Kiba: Hey there kitty!

Cat: purr...≥﹏≤

Akamaru: *jealous  ̄へ ̄

As Kiba trying to comfort the kitty a bunch of them show up cuddling Kiba

Kiba: *stands up**sigh* Sorry Kitty but I like Akamaru!!

Akamaru: Arff(っ´▽`)っ

Kiba: Come on Akamaru let's go home

Akamaru: Awwffʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

The End

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Server ID: S991

In-game Name: Blazer


Naruto invited Hinata for a "casual" walk through Konoha forest. Without a doubt she accepted the (maybe once in a lifetime?) offer. While they are walking and talking about random stuff (mostly Naruto because Hinata is too nervous and can barely tie few words together), they are ambushed by a group of rogue ninjas. Naruto is taken away and Hinata gets immobilized by two of them as she lost her focus yelling after Naruto instead of guarding herself. While she is struggling to escape from their hands, their leader slowly comes towards her with a kunai in his hand, grinning an evil smile. Hinata closed her eyes, waiting for the worst to happen, when a *puuf sound occurred. Hinata slowly opened her eyes fearfully and couldn't have any reaction but remain speechless as in front of her, the kunai was replaced by a bouquet of red roses and the ugly rogue ninja was replaced by a Konoha blondie in orange clothes and that evil grin became a warm smile: "Hinata, I love you!"

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UID: 300016887689340

Server ID: S850

In-game Name : Tombolock

Answer: Obito Uchiha cried out in tears ~

"Rin Rin, where r you now, my Tsuki no Me project will be completed with Rinn ~"

"Everything shall be perfect once more, just a little more~"

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UID: 200000032107235

Server ID: S1008

In-game Name: Winchester

Answer: Sakura: Sasuke why do not you take some time in your journey and come home? I miss you!

Sasuke: I miss you too! No matter where i am, my heart will always be with you!

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UID : 200000099754748

Server ID: S871

In-game Name : Nova

Answer: "Happy Valentine's Day!" Naruto exclaimed, fondly looking at his bowl of ramen

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In-game Name : Sai

Answer While Naruto is injured he stares at Hinata in the eyes and whispers "I wish I could stay with u all life along, even when im not feeling well"."I love u".

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UUID: 300035323209471

Server ID: S909

In-game Name: UchihaFookU

Answer: in the woods of Konoha, Naruto spells out "I LOVE YOU, HINATA" with the kage bunshin no jutsu technique in the Konoha Woods where they first met, when Naruto tried to protect Hinata from the bullies and ended up getting beaten up - the consequence of which was Hinata falling in love with Naruto for the very first time.

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