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[ Events ] Playing Cupid– Valentines Event


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Valentine’s Day is upon us, and we hope everyone is feeling the love!

This time of year makes us think of all the relationships within the Naruto world. For example, Naruto who had a crush on Sakura since his time at the Academy; Tsunade’s undying love for Dan long after he’s gone; or Asuma and Kurenai expecting their baby!


Everyone in the Naruto world has a distinct personality, and shows affection to someone else. On this special day, help someone from the Naruto universe send a few words to their loved one! What might they say? How might they say it? Perhaps Naruto should confess to Sakura, or Tsunade has some words for Dan who she misses so much?

Let us know your own ideas below for a chance to win!


UID (Click Here): 2000000170345680

Server ID: S337

In-game Name : Valentine

Answer: Naruto should shout his love confession from the Hokage office roof! “Sakura~ I love you!”

(or Hinata, whoever you guys want to cheer and root for!)

Important Note: Submissions in the wrong format will not be considered.

Details of the event:

Entry date: 14th February - 20th February

Voting date: 21st February - 23rd February


All those who participate will receive the following:

x 5

The best 3 will receive:

(Charm Materials Pack) x 5, x 3

Thank you,

Naruto Online Operation Team

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UID: 200000094375479

Server ID: S252

In-game Name : AMATERASU

Answer: Naruto stands in front of Hinata and says: "Thank you, for loving and taking care of me, be my kid's mom and my lovely wife. I love you till the end of my life, Hinata"

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UID: 200000083321155

Server ID: s9-Ino

In-game name: sahiku

Answer: naruto: can I confess something ?

Hinata: yes

Naruto: you have the prettiest smile I've ever seen

Hinata: can I confess something as well ?

Naruto: sure

Hinata: this smile exists only because of you !

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UID: 200000091324752

Server ID: S177

In-game name: WhiteFangHatake

Answer: Before his final departure, Jiraya says: "Tsunade, I promise I will come back. For you are the reason that I will always come back."

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UID: 200000102082732

Server ID: S1018

In-game Name: Garasu

Answer: Hinata stepped closer to the boy crouched on the shingled red roof as a chilled wind swept around them in the moonlit night.

"N-N-Naruto?" she breathed, hoping he mistook her nervous quivering for a reaction to the cold.

Naruto's face turned towards her, an inquisitive look marking his features.

"What is it, Hinata?" he asked.

She gulped and looked to the side. The snow-covered ground seemed so very far down below.

"I... I love you," she finally uttered. Their eyes met for a second before Naruto flashed his characteristic grin.

"Of course," he replied.

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UID: 300066564843853

Server ID: S832

In-game Name: OmayaKaboom


Sasuke came back to the Konoha Village after he completed his mission that Hokage Naruto gave to him. Sakura saw him entered the gate of the village and immediately rushed into him. Sasuke looks weak and confused after battling strong enemies during his mission. Suddenly, he started to fall to the ground but Sakura was able to catch him in her arms.

Sakura: Sasuke! Sasuke! Wake up!

Sasuke was able to open his eyes slowly.

Sasuke: W-Who are you?? What is your name??

Sakura: What happened to you?! You don't know my name?

Sasuke: CAN I CALL YOU MINE?!...

Sakura smiled and started crying because she knew that Sasuke is fine and was able to come back to her.

Sasuke: I will never forget you. I've kept my promise that I'll come back to you...

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UID: 200000092175151

Server ID: S203 - Crow Forest

In-game name: YAMETESenpai


Minato finally confess his feelings to Kushina.

Minato Namikaze: "You must be the speed of light, cause time stop when i look at you. Not even my speed can outmatch you, Kushina"

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UID : 200000094029626
Server ID : S1169 : C1 - Air shot
In Game Name : `Arata
Answer : Before his final departure, Jiraya says: "Tsunade, I promise I will come back. For you are the reason that I will always come back."

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UID : 300002987170907

server ID : s1165 benihisago - absortion

in game name : BigBoss

answer : naruto : ohayo hinata

hinata : ohayo naruto, err err I love you

naruto: Nani!! actually I love you long time ago, you are my angel

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UID: 200000087929256UID: 200000087929256

Server ID: S238

In-game Name: Ria

Answer: Nagato should confess his love to Konan as he has no one to care for left. His parents were murdered, Yahiko had died & Jiraiya killed he. Nagato should confess directly without mediator (the Pains) to Konan when all Akatsuki members are not around.

"All I have is you Konan, you are the reason I am still strong to face this cruel world. I will craft the new world so everything will only be (he shouts:) Shinra Tensei!" Then a love pattern formed on the ground.

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UID: 200000103228141

Server ID: S894

In-game Name : ᴶᵁᴳᴬᴿ▼ᴹᴵᴳᵁá

Answer: Dan in front of Tsunade saying a last word before he gone as edo tensei.

Thank you Tsunade,

You achieved everything I wanted to, and more.

I'll be waiting for you, but I'd rather you took your time.

After all, You Are My DREAM.

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UID : 200000098790514

Server ID: S358 Fourth Hokage | HK

In-game Name : 卂zureゃん

Answer: Tenten should confess her love to Neji
“ *Neji and Tenten taking a nap in the park*

(Tenten Dream , Where Neji dies in the Great Ninja War, after a few days..Tenten started thinking about Neji. Neji ! Why did you leave me alone?! )

*Neji woke up first and notice Tenten shed tears*

Neji : Tenten.. Are you alright?
Tenten : *slowly wakes up* Yeah..Just have a bad dream..
*Tenten blushes*
Tenten : Neji's face is so close ><
Neji : Are you really alright?
Tenten : (It's now or never) Neji ! I Love You !!! ><
Neji : ( !!? )
Tenten : ...
Neji : ... I Love you too Tenten !
Tenten : *Smiles* Im Happy
Neji : *Puts hands on Tenten Face* Your Smile is My World <3. "


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UID: 300021803172162

Server 856


Dosu stands on the rooftop of Kikyo Castle, having finally found Dosu.

Dosu's two eyes stare into Dosu's sole visible eye. Finally, Dosu thinks to himself. My mission is complete and my goal has been won. I've found Dosu.

He takes the short boy's sleeved hand into his own, indistinguishable generic anime guy hand. Dosu looks back at Dosu and questions what he's doing. His instincts tell him to attack Dosu, but at the same time he's intrigued. Dosu is in close range anyways, so it would be easy for Dosu to use the Melody Arm and knock him out.

Dosu takes a deep breath, steeling himself. He shoves off the blushing and the embarrassment and lets himself free.

"Dosu, I have been searching for you for the past two and a half years! Finally, I have found you, and I must tell you this."

Dosu stares back, silently.

"Dosu-kun... I love you with all my heart! My entire existence revolves around you. Marry me, Dosu. Marry me, so we can buy a house and have one and a half kids together."

To which Dosu activates the Melody Arm, promptly knocking out Dosu. Dosu falls to the ground, unconscious, as the boy he's pursued for all this time disappears into the darkness.

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server ID-s30 iruka

Ingame name - Sangeeth

Rock lee to sakura - sakura my love for u is filled with power of youth...

i will do anything for u... i will run 100 rounds ard konaha just to show how much i love u...

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UID: 200000087343308

Server id: S89

In-game Name: MomenHag

Answer: Naruto tells Hinata that he loves her!!

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UID (Click Here): 200000097405077

Server ID: S328

In-game Name : 卍Tedi卐

Answer: Naruto: "Hey Sakura lets play everything but not HIDE AND SEEK ?

Sakura: "Huh Why is that Naruto?"

Naruto: "Because someone like you is HARD TO FIND"

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UID: 300057823258451

Server ID: S11- Choji

In-game Name : Go*heLegend

Answer: Out of nowhere, Hinata embraced his wide shoulders, rested her head on them, and went in for a hug. Mom loves you, Boruto, she whispered as her son was about to go out and practice his skills with Sarada.

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UID: 200000097379279

Server ID: S328

In-game name: YujinUzumaki

Answer: As Yahiko founds Akatsuki, Konan should confess her feelings to Yahiko "We have come a long way together, and I want us to be more then we've been so far... Shall you become my special?"

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UID: 200000088611979

Server ID: S108 Gozu

In-game Name : Ghoul

Answer: Naruto " Ramen I will always love."

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UID : 300056472239671

Server ID: S888

In-game Name : Maroon

Answer: *at a Fireworks Festival after the 4th Great Ninja War*
Temari: There's nothing more beautiful than the fireworks of victory after the war.
Shikamaru: I don't think so.
Temari: Huh?
Shikamaru: To me, you're the most beautiful being that have ever existed.
Temari: *blushes*

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