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[ Lineup ] Dan Kato [Edo Tensei] Lineups


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Hey guys!



Mystery: A great mystery while being able to be casted in round 1, the problem is that it doesn't go thru immunity nor removes buffs, however consider the fact that you can interrupt someone + remove all their chakra with it which can be very useful in round 1

Standard Attack: A normal attack

Chase: Nothing special about the chase, just bonus damage

Passive 1: Very similar passive to Rinnengan Sasuke, quite a good passive vs non immune units however unlike Sasuke he doesn't have super armor as a protection which makes it hard for him to be hit often

Passive 2: I wouldn't consider this passive to be quite useful, only against Edo Tensei ninjas + the fact that Dan Kato is more of a support which means he won't be there for damage dealing anyway which makes this passive kinda useless

The best parts of him are mystery and passive 1, he is a pos2-3-4 support type of ninja and has some flaws

Overall he is a pretty good ninja but there are better ones, the biggest problem is that he doesn't have immunity nor super armor while trying to be a front line ninja with his passive 1

1. Earth Main



with 6 paths Naruto in your team nothing can go wrong right ?

Dan Kato is there for some round 1 controls and immobiile/chakra drain capabilities

2. Earth Main 2



The blitz style of team, also some nice round 1 control chances with good amount of damage

3. Earth Main 3



4. Fire Main "full control"



3x controls + removing immunities

Bee can be replaced by many other ninjas

5. Fire Main 2



The typical Jonin Minato + 5 kage madara team with the addition of Dan Kato

6. Wind Main



A bit more f2p friendly

Good control and buff removal capability

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I dont know but it says excluding which means it deals 50% damage to non edu tensei..Am I right?

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  • Indopunya On 2020-03-25 22:01:28
  • I dont know but it says excluding which means it deals 50% damage to non edu tensei..Am I right?

yes you are right

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