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[ Bugs ] Cat Exam continues to frustrate me


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I can handle being wrong with my answers. I cannot, however, handle being wrong when 1) The questions are garbled to the point of being incomprehensible, or 2) The answers themselves are wrong.

I have a single screenshot of a weird question that I took last minute just so this thread can have a bit of weight, but off the top of my head this Quiz I just took had at least two questions with wrong answers:

In a question about where Hidan hailed from, the "correct" answer was said to be A) Rivers. The ACTUAL answer is "Hot Water" or "Hot Springs", but neither of those translations were available.

In a question as to who Motoi's friend was, the "correct answer was said to be D) Deidara. The other three answers were Omoi, Darui, and Karui, I believe. I picked Karui because whatever. What the actual heck?

And here's a screenshot of a question that is cut off.


I just want to be able to be wrong and have a legitimate reason for being told I'm wrong instead of it being musical chairs with choosing the cats because the questions and answers don't line up with each other. I don't know. I really like Quiz games and I like being right, so this feature being as garbled as it is irritates me more than anything else.

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