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[ Lineup ] Need some serious help for a good LineUp.


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Hey Lads!

As the Title says I´am looking for a good Team. I don´t care with what Main´s since I like em´all :)

I have a good arsenal of Ninjas even tho I feel that I´am missing alot of the Key Rares that are in the Treasures like Roshi.
Anyways I hope you Guys have some good Ideas !

Thank you in Advance. Lets do this ! :)


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Not sure about that LineUp tho... I don´t like Ningendo in there, yeps he may be useful for the 40 Chakra but his Chase Immobile is getting wasted if Konan combo´s with normal hit since she has immobile too in her chase

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actually that lineup with ningendo is nice,u should try it.

and no no immobile is getting wasted,immobile overwriting immobile is ok,but if she was to overwrite shisui 2 round,that would be a pain.

also gakido at ningendos place can work quite well too

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