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I'm not dead XD


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Sorry for being gone and just lurking for so long, all the stuff you guys posted but I didn't comment on was great :D

@Tiami, the rest of the fic was great, I'm only on page 4 so far of manga xD Lot's of material to use.

@Tayuya, your drawing skills have improved so much lol, if the improvment continues at this rate, another few months and you'll be able to draw like Tiami

@Tomo (why are there so many "T" names? Just noticed while typing xD), I like the boar for cny, and yeah, I've done the same before, drew a background first and turned a portrait into a landscape lol

@Hina, welcome to the forum! Your digital art is really quite good (and it's cute), do you post anywhere else?

@Eveliska, that 'let them think' made me laugh, you really do have to wonder what they're looking at.

@Kuebiko, you can try adding in facial expressions digitally lol

@Akuma, your waifu pictures are getting more and more detailed ;)). Will you ever try drawing something, and not minimalist?

and this is late, but happy lunar new year to those who celebrate :D


(yes yes, I know it's not historically accurate, it's a mishmash of styles intentionally)

I promise I'll finish all my wip's one day xd

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Happy New Piggy Year to you too! And great drawing too- those piggies xD

And I'm glad that you liked rest of fic. I will wait patiently for new pages of comic, no need to hurry :)

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You shure those are piggies and not piggy banks LOL, now I know why Tsunade love piggy >_> [silly gambler.]

Make me want to strike lottery too ^_^

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Fantastic fanart ;)

Especially Midnight Blade who holds his own katana as @ $tick, he is about to kill someone (Scarlet) xD

"@Akuma, your waifu pictures are getting more and more detailed ;)). Will you ever try drawing something, and not minimalist?

and this is late, but happy lunar new year to those who celebrate :D"

Thank you, I'm doing my best and I think that way too, every time my waifu is more detailed then before ;)

Before Minimalist I was making couple of drawings but they to say that? The same?

I practiced drawing the same pose everyday and now it looks cool but I don't think it's that awesome like my Minimalist, do you wanna see it?

Happy Lunar Year to you too

Kakashi Hatake [Kimono] (Minimalist)_3

Kiba Inuzuka [New Year] (Minimalist)_5_1

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Happy Lunar New Year to you too

and thanks for the praise

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You're so nice to all of us that is so cute (:

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cute drawing omg

lol im doing traditional now only because it takes too long to h00k up my tablet and set everything up when i want to draw digitally :')

adding facial expressions digitally would defeat my purpose of st!cking to boring traditional hahaha

(edit: ok im baffled as to why those words were censored oasis pl e a se)

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Nice to meet you and Happy Lunar Year to you too

I used a twitter page to post some pictures. But it's been a long time since I didn't use it. Now I post here

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Welcome back my ridiculous friend. You forgot me and Derps ; w ;

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oof, happy late new year.

A year of good fortune!

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