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[ Bugs ] Recharge problems


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So my server, since yesterday, has had recharge problems. Many players from my server (including myself) were thinking of recharging and we are unable to because it says that our chars don't exist in the server.

Meanwhile we've all complained on costumer support and the default answer to us all was to clean caché, which didn't work, and to change our nicks because we have ''illegal'' or special letters/symbols on our names. Only problem is that neither of the people that wanted to recharge, except one person, has any symbols on our names. My name ingame is Kazuya, so i see no special symbol on my name... So this is definately a server problem.

Many of us wanted to recharge to obtain either nagato or envelope rebate and once again we cannot do what we want to do because of your server errors, the last one we had to wait 1 week for you to solve it and we were unable to communicate with anyone and now this... Well i've solved the problem by recharging on other game but my friends still would like to get a rebate from envelope...

So if you can't fix it, at least give us some compensation for this...

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Everything worked well on Monday. The recharge was working properly. However, on Tuesday, recharge was broken, which is extremely unfavorable. It's Red Envelope event - so we're out with bonus. Fuku deals, so there is no way to get Nagato. Oasis - we want to give you money, why do not you want to accept them? You can not justify all problems in the game with the internet. We still have not received compensation for a weekly bug on our servers.

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