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[ Bugs ] BUG IN WAR


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Heloo last saturday, and today i had this bug on my pos1 Angel konan,
when ever her turn is to attack skill not showind that can be used , even if i have chakra or i am not cotnroled or dunno why is this happening :S
after i use summon forg also my teamates used her normal, i couldnt,
also this this photo later in fight after her CD was 1 next round was like this... skill not showing that can be used and after some deleys and insane clicking on my keyboard and with mouse i finaly use it :(

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If you use mystery while summon gets summoned it can bug out. So make sure to not use it when people use the summon and have people say they will use it

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no none of us used any skills
Round 1 Kisame was
Round 2 2 of their narutos used mastery , we didnt touch skills i used summon frog, they used slug, they die in 500 hp difference so
after our frog die, 1 hit and their summon died, then my teamates used konan i couldnt, after i reseted with main i coudl use, 2 round after when CD on konan was 1 round after when i shoudl have skill this happens not showing..... :S

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