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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja Exam 300 - was done - guaranted 165k power


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I still don't understand how is possible that a 160k don't get killed directly when a 250k (and no I'm not a move 1 full overstacker) gets obliterated by running the same lineup.

Literally, explain to me how a normal konan with 26k hp and 13k resistance don't get directly nuked when a konan with 34k hp and 18k resistance gets brought to 1k hp by starting the 2nd stage at full hp.

And don't tell me are the dodges because minato + hashi + hirzuen trigger all of them and also deliver damage and edo tobirama + the full chases + edo hiruzen mystery are more than enough to do the job.

P. S. I passed the exam, just not with this lineup.

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  • żółw On 2019-02-06 18:53:59
  • Fully broken Konan dodges 2 standard attacks, her dodge isn't triggered by chases. With a bit of luck (~25% chance) she won't be targeted by Edo Hiruzen and will dodge Edo Tobirama's attacks and prevent all relevant chases from happening.

Looking at the picture he posted jonin minato is in front of hashi and water main in front of edo minato, so, to prevent hashi to trigger his chakra stealing chase or konan or gaara has to be in front of them and for it to have an hope to work water main has to run her 40% double dodge passive.

If konan is in front of minato and gaara in front of hashi minato gets dodged twice and gaara prevent hashi with his super armor.

But at that point at least one of edo tobirama standard attacks deliver knockdown (because at most water main dodges both of them and minato one, but or jonin minato or konan and also gaara gets selected).

The same applies if konan is in front of hashi and gaara in front of water main.

Hashi chase delivers also 10 combo.

So the combo counter is at 22 wiith them alone (4 from first tobirama standard + 8 from 2nd tobirama standard + 10 from hashi chase).

If was minato in front of gaara and both koh and fire main chase get delivered not to jonin minato and water main didn't dodge them then the counter stays at 22 and no 30 conbo chases get triggered.

But there is still the issue of the chakra.

To avoid hiruzen mystery trigger he needs to put in queue asap at least gaara + minato or konan mystery and lets go on with the luck of the devil the target not selected by hashi is the target that put in queue the mystery.

Fine. At this point there are gaara + water main damaged by the standard of minato and hiruzen (they didn't dodge them).

He usee asap regenerative healing jutsu and konan mystery.

None of the enemy die (water main gives no buffs and they barely die with my agk + gaara + earth main mystery (i used garv's variant to oppai lineup) so a 160k one will land about 40% less damage than mine, 60% if we consider also the buff granted by pose of duel).

One between hashi tobirama and hiruzen are chaosed by neurotoxin chase (i take it for granted).

Comes at this point the following round after that he endured 4 standards from mb ad 2 from sb too.

One of the 4 hokages is disbled and all of them are under paralysis.


The other 3 will land their mysteries + standard attacks before he is able to move.

All of them are unmissable.

How do he survives at 160k power?

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  • Huoying On 2019-02-06 23:53:00
  • Nice! But now without

    "Jonin Minato , Angel Konan,Zetsu, Hokage minato,Kurama naruto or six path naruto" please

The konan showed in the picture is normal one full sb.

That said, without them your best option, imho (but is something you can do only at around my power if the difficult reduction at 6/7 or 7/7 is big enough) is to use selftacking def/res ninjas.

For example hebihime/kimimaro + kidomaru + jirobo with earth main if you use the first stage for 9 rounds just to stack them and stack a lot of shields (10k minimum) should let you beat the exam within the following 9 rounds.

P.S. Beware that when they added those exams in cn the average power there was 300/400k.

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  • evro78 On 2019-02-09 04:04:37
  • You are very strange.. We simple want faster did ninja exams. For what we must reduction our power?

    We not remove our magatamas, but we split 7 lvl magatamas / rune stones in 8 lvl for cause more damage and for alive.

    We have 177k-179k power in table (that with 4 ninjas which has 5 start and full mood - our 9tail team)


The problem is that who has, like me, move 2/3/4 at comparable or higher power than your move 1 and move 1 about 20k stronger, still gets annihilated unless he runs the two very specific lineups oppai and garv posted in the other thread.

Also people in the 300-350k range were compelled to modify something and use dedicated lineups.

That's the point.

For example, a thing you maybe do not know is that the 2nd dodge that comes from konan sbs has not the same chance to work as the first one and is basically very often ignored by an enemy 40 levels higher like are the ninjas of that ninja exam unless your combo stats is in the 15k+.

Triggering that alone with less than 10k combo stat happens, maybe, once every 5 tries.

The double dodge of water main 16 times out of 100. That both happens at your power by themselves have ~3% chance to happen and are not the only good things that may need to happen to beat it.

If it only took you 100 tries you were lucky because the average maybe are 5000 tries.

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