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[ Bugs ] disconnected for 30 seconds and i'm disqualified off sage!


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wtf is this my friend accidently turns off my cable, i immediately connect it, try to acess sage and says i've been gone for too long??? Are you kidding me? It was 30 SECONDS! wasn't the time to be disqualified 5 MINUTES? this is a joke!

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AND TO MAKE IT WORSE, the option to enter again appears 5 MINUTES after i've been kicked! OF COURSE it won't let me back in! Very fair game this

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If you disconnect during sage and you're in a match (AI has to play it through)

You can't re-connect till the match is over. Unfortunately, it's that way and there's no intention to change it.

I'd advice to consistently refresh till the option shows within 1-2 minutes.

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