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[ Bugs ] Missing Susano Itachi frags


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S363: Third mizukage

Character name: TobiragoOda

Time: Around 6:15 server time, 31.1.2019

It was time after previous weeks events, but before maintenance for this weeks events. I had gotten 2 susano Itachi frags from free pull from Land of Lightning treasure. I had 75/80 susa Itachi frags before that pull, but my frags had stayed at 75/80 afterwards. Did I just lose 2 susa Itachi frags, when I was only 5 frags short of unlocking him? Sorry abot not having picture, since I don't screenshot my free pulls. Is time between events (or just before maintenance) time, when we shoudn't do even free pulls? Even if I don't get those missing frags, I would want to know so I woudn't do free pulls at this time again. Woudn't want to miss ninja/ frags again in the future.

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they can actually look it up on logs, especifically your username, but i doubt they'll do something about it...their CS is terrible actually.

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