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[ Player Guide ] God Guo: Some thing about the coming ninja assist (2)


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So go on with the last essay to show u something about the new function ninja assist.

So how to strengthen the assist ninja cards?


This is the strengthen show window u will see when u try to strengthen these ninja cards. so here is the detail introduction:

1. assist level

on the top, with the increase of this level, the card can provide extra improvement out of the the card itself, and the improvement will show to you in the little circle waiting for you to light them with the potion in the beautiful glass bottle. attention, the improvement this part can be superposed, I mean the more ninja cards you level them up, though you did not put them on, they still can provide the improvement you get this part to your line up.


this is the potion u will use to increase this level, and u can get it in the Groceries Storage Room. And there will be many other activities for u to get this material.

2. special level

I don't know if the name is correct, cause I jsut directly translate them from the Chinese version. so this part influence the feature I said in the last essay that each assist ninja can provide improvement on two specail features, and this level influence the improvement effect of these two special features, This one just shows in the show window pic, the red circle below the assist level.


This is what you need to increase the special level, but this material you can only buy it in the future activities.

attention here, if you want to increase the ninja's special level, you must increase the ninja's assist level first. when you try to increase the ninja's special level, the system will show you how much assist level you need to achieve to increase special level.

The last thing is how to put it on, or set it as your assist ninja card.


Here, in the talent show window, between the summon chase attack you can find the new blank for your assist ninja. pull to put your ninja card in to the blank and then he or she can work to provide buff to the ninjas in your line up.

So now this is what the new fuction like in Chinese version ,maybe there wil be some difference but the whole strategy should be the same. If I' have more time I'll make another essay about the mainly popular line ups' choice of their assist ninja card.

So that's all for this essay, if you find somewhere wrong or misunderstanding, reply to me and I'll explain to you or correct my mistake. thanks for reading.,

  • Registered: 2018-05-28
  • Topics: 257
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